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Digital Signs - Media Players with Electronic Display Solutions

Digital Signage SolutionsHow can a company increase customers' awareness of their advertising? Digital signs and electronic advertisement players are one of the most modern and exciting advancements in marketing technology. E-signage is frequently used by banks, restaurants, retail stores, and hotels for promotions because the displayed information can be updated. This eliminates the need to pay for traditional poster printing, and thus, can be a great way to reduce operating costs for advertising of the long term. These dynamic TV displays often included media players that allow businesses to capture the attention of their target audiences in a new, innovative way.

These all-in-one digital sign solutions come in several different packages and offer many great options. The simple plug-n-play media player, for example, loads easily and shows images as well as videos in a slideshow presentation. The devices pull media files from a USB flash drive and do not require the Internet for use, which makes them great for first-time digital signage users. Many of the plug-n-play players and systems also include software to create custom templates. In fact, we offer a free account at FreeTemplates2Go that allows users to create unique content for their digital sign players. Browse a whole collection of pre-designed templates, slideshows, and static E-posters that are entirely customizable! Once the presentations are designed your specifications, simply download them to a flash drive and transfer them to your digital signage monitor or ad player device.

digital advertisement players & template softwarePlug-n-play is the most basic solution for dynamic digital advertising presentations. The plug-n-play signage kits present files as a full-screen slideshow, pulling the information from a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The digital signage devices are incredibly easy to set up, making continuous daily use very straightforward. While some of our media players and digital signage TVs only play full-screen video presentations & image slideshows, others include software to create "framed" content. With these E-poster systems, users can create zones for different types of multimedia complete with video, RSS feeds, scrolling text, static images, and more. There are several different kinds of digital sign players, so be sure to check the details and specifications for each product on its respective page. Some are stand-alone units that must be hooked up to a television or LCD monitor, while other packages have the media player built right into the television. This way, you can purchase all the necessary hardware components in a single transaction! We also offer a selection of small digital signs that may be referred to as electronic photo frames - a popular choice for the small boutique or residential user. This small format digital signage can be wall mounted or placed on a countertop to display menus, advertise merchandise or promote special offers. These small signs are generally 21 inches or less, which make them a dynamic, space-saving advertising solution that can fit on most retail shelves or walls.

Are these digital sign products easy to use?

  • Installation of players is as easy as hooking up a DVD player, which is great for those who are less tech-savvy.
  • Intuitive software is accessible via any internet enabled computer and takes little time to learn. The content management software is extremely basic, so newbies can become graphic design gurus in no time at all.
  • Managing players can be done by one person with little-to-no training, making the systems ideal for owner-operated businesses and locations with small staffs.

What are the most notable features of the plug-n-play digital sign players?

  • The commercial TVs, monitors, and ad players provide the ability to play full-screen presentations of multimedia, including images or videos.
  • No Internet connection is required for use (except for creating and downloading templates from FreeTemplates2Go).
  • Plug-n-play media system makes refreshing signage incredibly easy. No need to log on to an account or connect to the Internet when files are already pre-loaded on your drive or computer.
  • Small size of external model fits perfectly on the backside of a commercial TV or LCD monitor. The compact multimedia back remains out of sight yet is still very accessible.
  • Integrated player options are built right into the television, so all-in-one purchases and setups are possible.

TVs with built-in ad players use a USB thumb drive to display content. All of these media players options will play full screen static images or image slideshows. Most of the options will also play video. Select televisions, the LG® EzSign and SuperSign TVs, include additional software to create "framed" content. Download the EzSign or SuperSign software onto a computer and use the simple program to create eye-catching digital sign advertisements. There are over 50 unique, pre-built templates available. Most of these have a portion of the screen filled with a live TV feed (tuner built into television), and varying zones where users can add their own images, with up to two images per zone (these will rotate automatically once on screen). The built-in text editor allows users to display their own messages, adjusting the font, size, color, and other characteristics. This software is ideal for a wide variety of industries. As many of the templates have a live TV window built right in, this is great for sports bars, looking to advertise appetizer or drink specials on the same screen that patrons are already viewing. Transportation hubs, such as airports, bus or train stations are also great places to implement this type of entertainment/advertising signage. There are also templates offered without live TV built-in, suitable for retail stores and other locations.

All Media Player Purchases Now Include Access To FreeTemplates2Go

This signage digital uses a software-as-a-service platform for effective advertising!Free access to Displays2go's simple template editor has presently been added to any signage digital purchase. This template editing program is web-based (no need to download or install any programs). It is very simple and intuitive, allowing even the least artistically-inclined persons to create beautiful, functional and (most importantly) effective electronic signs. This editor was created by our own technology department after our consumer service specialists communicated the frustrations of customers that want to delve into the realm of digitized advertisements but do not have the know-how themselves, nor the funds to hire to a designer. Average customers like the owners of local eateries, or a neighborhood pharmacy do not want to get left behind in the digital age. However, they often have a hard enough time juggling the many other aspects of owning a business, to invest more time and resources into learning intricate photo-editing programs. Before this revolutionary program was made available, most customers fell into one of two categories: graphically inclined with the ability to create stunning visual presentations using expensive software or not-so-graphically inclined, leaving them to show a simple, boring full screen advertisement that produced little more interest than traditional static posters. For more information on the functionality of the new advertising creator or any of the signage digital items shown here, visit the FAQ page.

In addition to these software solutions, commercial monitors are used for a variety of other uses. These LCD monitors are made of more sturdy materials than standard residential models. They also feature a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, while the average residential monitors only offer a 1 year warranty. These LCD monitors are available in various sizes including: 22", 32", 42" and 55". These high-definition screens are ideal for use with advertising presentations. Pair any of these media players with one of these LCD monitors to create a stunning presentation! These media players, including those that are software-as-a-service, are useful to many different types of businesses. Wait times in line seem shorter with continuously changing graphics to watch, and people are more likely to pay attention to a changing image on a TV monitor than a static wall poster.

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