Pole Banner Signage with Pre-Printed Graphics and Mounting Hardware

American flag street pole banner with custom text

Street Banner Signage and Mounting Brackets for Light Poles

Need prominent outdoor graphics that reaches out to both sidewalk and vehicular traffic? Our street pole banner signage is excellent for advertising festivals, seasonal sales events, and historic town centers. The large format displays for cities feature eye-catching artwork that generates buzz for those walking or driving by. This light pole banner signage is great for promoting upcoming events and local culture. College campuses, shopping districts, and cultural communities all use these high visibility advertisements to attract attention. Browse pole banner signage in a variety of sizes and designs to drive sales and meet your organization's goals.

Why use these light post flags and hanging brackets?
  • This street pole banner signage features a high visibility design that's easy to see from a distance. These large format graphics will attract attention from city traffic and passersby on the sidewalk. Browse 18" x 36," 30" x 60," and 30" x 94" street flags for high visibility outdoor advertising campaigns. Their double sided design appeals to traffic in both directions.
  • Our light post banner signage for urban areas is available with a variety of artwork. These pre-printed graphics include spring, summer, autumn, and winter themes to promote seasonal events. Celebrate the holidays with festive Christmas artwork that spurs Black Friday sales. Choose patriotic red, white, and blue prints for Fourth of July celebrations. Commemorate the town's history with civic pride messaging that looks great all year round. Our municipal post flags for shopping districts. draw attention to retail stores and restaurants.
  • Many of our street banner signage displays come with custom text in one color for advertising festivals and celebrating holidays. Get messages like "Happy Holidays" and "Summer Festival is Here!" imprinted in white to promote events with high visibility text. One-color artwork will also fit into these spaces for custom printing — this is great for featuring logos and stylized ads.
  • This light post signage and hanging hardware is highly durable with a marine grade canvas fabrication. This water resistant material is ideal for outdoor display and will withstand inclement weather conditions. The long lasting silkscreen print process will preserve the professional quality printed graphics for years. The flag mounting hardware includes metal clamps and springs with sturdy fiberglass rods to support the canvas.

Our hanging outdoor signage is excellent for attracting attention to fairs, shopping districts, sporting events, historic town centers, and holiday festivals. Their durable, high visibility design brings passersby in from a distance and pass-through traffic won't miss it. Displaying banners on multiple street poles creates an impressive and memorable marketing campaign, thanks to their repetitive use. There's no better way to promote the town or district than with this vibrant advertising. But how do businesses in these areas bring customers in from the pavement? Our portable sidewalk signs are ideal for featuring printed ads and handwritten messages that appeal to passersby. This is great for advertising drink specials, limited time offers, pricing info, and new merchandise. Retail stores and restaurants can create a direct appeal to prospective customers in urban areas.

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