Tabletop TV Mounts | Monitor Brackets with Countertop Design

Tabletop TV Mounts Help Organize Crowded Desks to Increase Productivity

Tabletop TV MountsA tabletop TV mount is designed specifically for office and work environments. In fact, countertop LCD brackets are optimal for use not only in professional businesses but also in residential settings. Single and dual monitor stands, especially these tabletop TV mounts, are often seen in conference rooms and at office cubicles, where LCD monitors or LED televisions need to be placed at eye-level. Desktop monitor mounting arms and countertop TV brackets allow you to raise your computer up as well as tilt and rotate it for the most comfortable view. Some of the tabletop TV mounts can also be adjusted so that the screen orientation is horizontal or vertical. These features allow users full control of the viewing height, orientation, and angle of the monitor.

What are the advantages of using desktop monitor brackets?
  • Tabletop TV mounts are extremely versatile and can be used by any hobbyist or professional. Graphic designer firms, web development departments, accounting offices, and other computer-based professions are great applications for the countertop monitor displays.
  • The unique design of each of the brackets is able to attach to any existing surface, such as a work desk or other tabletop. Both temporary clamp and permanent grommet bases are available, so the user can decide which setup is best for their tasks.
  • Many of the mounts also offer some type of adjustability, whether it is raising and lowering the height, panning from side to side, tilting up and down, or even rotating from portrait to landscape orientation. The wide range of motion is perfect for setting up a comfortable and effective workstation.

Some of the LCD monitor holders for desktop use, including our popular dual monitor mounts, allow you to display multiple screens at once. With this type of mount, you can display one monitor vertically and one horizontally, or both monitors in the same orientation. One of our more popular models comes with both a flat screen mount and a laptop computer tray. There are even counter TV brackets that will hold as many as six monitors at a time. Customers can also choose a side-by-side or a vertically oriented configuration. The side-by-side displays are great for those comparing lots of information or operating two programs simultaneously. The stacked configuration displays one monitor above the other, which is perfect for security offices where many live camera feeds are being analyzed. Because computer technology has evolved to support more than one monitor per machine, these double and multi mount options are becoming very popular. Both residential and commercial applications are supported, and customers from both sectors appreciate our low, wholesale pricing.

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