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Plexiglass Wall Frames | Plastic Fold Overs for Larger Posters

Plexiglass Wall Frames | Acrylic, Lucite, & Plastic Poster Holders

Plexiglass Wall FramesUse these plexiglass wall frames to mount a picture or sign. There are various styles and sizes available; most ship same day! Where are these plexiglass wall frames commonly used? These acrylic sign holders are typically used in retail stores, hotel rooms, and restaurants. For the most part, commercial customers like to buy the wall frames for their low price point, and relatively good durability properties. These picture holders are also suitable for home or office use to mount a photo or certificate to the wall. The plexiglass wall frames, sometimes called mounted acrylic sign holders, are also available in special designs made for slatwall use. There are magnetic holders to mount on a metal surface as well. With such a diverse selection there is sure to be a sign display to satisfy any need.

What are some of the advantages to purchasing these mounted acrylic sign holders versus metal or wood frames?
  • For the most part these plexiglass wall frames are cheap than other traditional picture holders.
  • When compared to an equal sized frame, these acrylic displays are more lightweight.
  • Given the lighter weight of these poster holders, these sign displays are cheaper to ship.

Mounted Acrylic Sign HoldersOne of the many plexiglass frames styles are these fold-over photo holders. These clear acrylic framing units feature a single sheet that has been heated slightly and then bent at the top and bottom to create a sleeve-like design that will hold a picture or sign. Given this unique fold over design, these wall frames can only mount in the portrait or landscape position. Not to worry; there frames available in both orientations in many of the commonly used sizes. These lucite wall frames are easy to mount. There is a small notch in the back of the framing to allow hanging on a single screw or nail. Once the plastic displays have been mounted to the wall, there is no need to take them down to change out the poster. Just slide the old sign out to the left side, while sliding the new poster in through the right side.

Clear Plastic Display FramesAnother popular series within these clear frames, are the side-by-side sign holders. At times businesses need to post numerous signs that are related, such as rules and regulations or federal guidelines in numerous languages. These models are available in two sizes; 8.5"x11" and 11"x14", these poster frames keep important related signage in close proximity to one another. There is a slim acrylic separator permanently bonded on the framing to keep the posters neat and in place. To mount these wall hanging frames, it's as easy as screwing four screws into the wall. There are four pre-drilled holes, (one on each corner). Screws and anchors are supplied with all of these frames. For ease of sign change outs there are thumb notches at the top of each side allowing quick access to the displayed poster or photo.

In addition to the many fold-over frames featured here there is also a large selection of open-top, magnetic, and slatwall frames to choose from as well. The open top photo holders are very similar to the poster holders shown here. The basic different is that instead of the top of these poster frames being folded over during the producing process they are left flat. Sign changes are still exceptionally easy with these frames; simply pull the top of the frame slightly forward, remove the old poster, and insert the new sign or picture. There is one hole in each corner to mount to a wall, and the required screws are provided. The magnetic picture frames available in this online catalog are similar in design to these open-top poster holders. There is a large magnet permanently bonded to the back of the frame to allow mounting to any metallic surface. For those businesses that utilize slat wall fixtures, there are poster frames with an acrylic attachment on the back that allows for mounting to a slatwall fixture.

Can these sign holders be mounted in portrait and landscape orientations?
  • Many of the picture holders featured here can only be hung in one position due to the design.
  • There are frames available in the most common photo sizes for both portrait and landscape.
  • Most businesses that use these sign holders typically print signage in one orientation, making these holders the perfect framing solution.

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