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Round Tower Display Cases for Retail Merchandise and Trade Show Exhibits

Round Tower Display Cases - Illuminated & Twist Design Retail Shelving

Does your business need an easy-to-stock yet visually appealing merchandising fixture for retail locations and trade shows? These round tower display cases provide ample vertical storage space with high-visibility product placement. The sleek design of these freestanding merchandise shelving units makes them both functional and attractive. Round tower display cases, also known as curved glass cabinets, provide a 360° view of the products inside so that multiple customers can shop at once. Some models include custom graphics for delivering promotional advertisements, messaging, and eye-catching imagery. Many round tower display cases are lightweight and efficient, showcasing the most products in the most compact space with incredible mobility. Merchandise cabinets are designed with the industry in mind, and many are constructed with durable medium density fiberboard, tempered glass panels, and aluminum for a prolonged life in retail and a high return on investment.

Round Tower Display Case What are some features that help these curved vitrines?
  • Illuminated round tower display cases shine a spotlight on your most valuable merchandise. These fixtures attract customers’ attention with vibrant LED lighting and are ideal for showcasing jewelry, accessories, art, and high-end products.
  • Custom graphics are available on some models, making these tower display cases a powerful marketing tool for any business. Upload personalized artwork, advertisements, or messaging to support your trade show booth or retail store’s presentations. Take advantage of replaceable graphics to keep up-to-date with seasonal promotions.
  • Twist tower display cases are collapsible modular showcases with up to 16 panels that slide into place for countless configurations. Use these fixtures to position merchandise in many directions, highlighting different product lines or variations.

Our affordable floor standing display cases are made of quality materials such as laminated MDF, aluminum, and tempered glass which are ideal for high traffic retail environments. Aesthetically pleasing curved designs are sure to catch the attention of retail customers and expo guests. This collection includes full view display cases where every shelf is visible with a 360° view as well as half view cabinets where the bottom side often utilizes custom graphics or storage. Choose from tall (up to 82.25”h) display cases to maximize vertical merchandising space, or our shorter (41.25”h) which can double as a versatile table. Many rounded merchandise cabinets include a portable storage and travel case, perfect for transportation between pop up stores or promotional events.

Displays2go carries everything you need whether you are outfitting a retail store to support full product lines or are trying to spice up your trade show exhibit booth. Having a quality display case is equally as important as presenting a quality product. Jewelers, museum curators, bakers, and retailers alike all use our professional merchandising cabinets to showcase their wares, trophies, or collectibles. Browse our complete collection for frameless curios, illuminated cabinets, and portable options. Displays2go is a one-stop-shop for all your retail merchandising needs.

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