Flag Display Cases for Triangular Folded Banners

Burial Flag Cases for Sale - Memorial Triangle Frames & Military Shadow Box Displays

triangular wood flag display cases Is there anything more evocative than flag display cases? These 3-sided shadow boxes are instant reminders of memorial tributes, commemorative events, and celebrations of service and sacrifice. Our selection of wooden enclosures is designed specifically to house folded burial or remembrance standards. In addition to supporting large (5x9.5) or small (3x5) banner sizes, our high quality memorial display boxes offer a full range of styles, finish colors, and optional accessories.

American flag display cases, sometimes called triangular commemorative banner frames, are guaranteed to draw attention when displayed. These frames are traditionally used to accept a folded flag during services for veterans and tributes to fallen heroes. In addition, non-military organizations use these triangular shadow box frames to celebrate, honor, and remember special people, occasions, or events. The furniture-quality wooden enclosures can be wall mounted or displayed with optional matching pedestal bases for use on mantels, tabletops, or shelves. Our solid wood 3-sided Veteran flag display cases are designed to be suitable housings for treasured heirlooms and historical memorabilia alike. Professional-quality construction ensures that each frame will provide a lasting tribute to valued sacrifices, public service, or special moments.

What are some of the special features of these honor burial banner frames?
  • Military burial flag display cases for veterans are sized specifically to accommodate American flags that meet the 5' x 9.5' size indicated by Title 4 government specifications.
  • Traditional triangular frames for casket honor flags such as those for retired or fallen Police or Fire Service members, are offered here to fit both 3' x 5" and 5' x 9.5' standard banner sizes.
  • Triangle-shaped display cases feature deep shadow box-style construction and can be ordered with or without decorative pedestal bases for mantle or table-top use. Sturdy construction includes sawtooth hanger hooks for durable wall mounting.
  • Clear acrylic flag frames for mantel or shelf display combine the modern look of a completely transparent triangular plexiglass case with the traditional feel of a richly finished wooden base.
  • Combination commemorative shadow boxes come in a variety of styles designed to commendations, certificates, insignia, medals, or awards as well as national, divisional, or military branch banners.
  • All frames include decorative front windows constructed of sturdy glass or clear acrylic plastic that provide full visibility while protecting contents.
  • All banner holder models feature either hinged front panels or removable backs for ease of loading and access.
american flag frame with pedestal

Our heirloom quality display cases for service banners, ensigns, and national colors feature solid wood construction. Rich, natural finish colors ensure that a match can be found for any residential, organization, school, or professional decor and environment. Burial and interment banner frames, including those provided by the Veterans Administration or other civic and governmental agencies, are offered as tributes and memorials to persons who have provided the highest levels of service and dedication. Traditionally, military veteran funerals feature the 5' x 9.5' size of the Stars and Stripes, the American national standard. Our memorial display cases are offered in two sizes to accommodate both the traditional larger size as well as 3' x 5' colors and ensigns as needed.

Where can these commemorative banner frames be placed?
  • Our heirloom quality frames include rear hooks for wall mounting, and come in rich wood finishes that will complement any environment.
  • Open-back wooden pedestal bases are available in matching shades so that the cases can be showcased on mantels, tables, or shelves alone or as part of a memorial collection.
  • Many schools, universities, and organizations choose to organize military exhibits that feature triangle-folded burial banners and related memorabilia. Elegant MDF or wood construction and rich finish colors make these showcases is ideal for use inside display cases.
  • Furniture quality wooden construction is available in plain or decorative trim styles with either beveled glass or shatter-resistant acrylic fronts to match displaying needs.

Both the 5' x 9.5' and 3' x 5' cases are designed to accommodate standard size national colors and ensigns. When properly placed into a triangle fold following official flag-folding protocols and not unfurled on a pole, these may be displayed in any location. The only requirement when displaying folded American honor banners is that, no matter the size, the union of stars with blue background is visibile and that folded edges are not viewable from the front. Both front-access and rear-access styles are offered to make it easy for users to load the frames. Cases with boxes that open from the front are hinged with a magnetic clasp to ensure contents stay in place no matter whether hung on walls or displayed as mantel or shelf standing showcases with a matching pedestal. For memorials that wish to display the military branch certificates

Many of our elegant memorial display cases for banners also include separate compartments for showcasing additional memorabilia. Military and civic awards, such as a Presidential Memorial Certificate, commendations, diplomas, course certifications, and even photographs, are easily inserted into elegant frames built into the shadow boxes. Rich velvet backing is ideal for proudly displaying medals, insignia, ribbons, and undertaking or challenge coins. The traditional look of this type of military memorabilia display is well-suited to both private and public display, and is a great choice for civis, government, or school exhibits. Modern styles with fully clear plexiglass enclosures and wood bases focus attention on the folded banners, making them ideal for mantel displays in homes or offices.

Decorative banner cases make a superb choice as a memorial for veterans and families of service men and women. The 5' x 9.5' frames will accommodate a traditional military burial standard, while the smaller boxes easily hold 3' x 5' triangle fold commemorative standards and ensigns. Many businesses and organizations choose to honor employees, associates, contributors, or retirees with the gift of a standard that has flown over a capitol building, ship, or other honored location. Museums and schools frequently present collections of treasured memorabilia from veterans, former students, or other honorees. A triangular folded banner in an elegant wooden holder makes a great addition and leaves a lasting impression as well as preserving a memorable occasion for future generations. Many people choose to use this type of heirloom-quality showcase in conjunction with shadow box frames designed to house memorial certificates, challenge coins, medals, insignia, and other memorabilia.

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