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Ceiling Hung Sign for Storefront Window Displays

Ceiling Hung Signs w/ Multi-Panel Grids

This Ceiling Hung Sign is Ideal for Businesses

What is included with this ceiling hung sign? This display includes all needed hardware to install! This ceiling hung sign comes with satin silver finished aluminum hardware to add elegance to any décor. The included stainless steel cable wire has a nylon coating to prevent fraying when cutting to size. The acrylic panels included with this ceiling hung sign are crystal clear and have a simple to use top-insert design. This signage is the ideal solution to business advertising! This ceiling hung sign is contemporary and ready to install making it the most convenient way to add modern signage to any institution. These kits come in many sizes and configurations that can be combined to make a unique system. This ceiling hung sign is stylish and can be installed in a window display, in front of a bare wall, or virtually everywhere inside businesses. This signage is simple to use and will grab the attention of customers!

Why buy this ceiling hung sign from this online retailer versus competitors?
  • The satin silver finished hardware is custom designed and will add elegance to any business signage.
  • This ceiling hung sign can be combined with other configurations or cable accessories sold in this online catalog making it convenient to add to this display in the future.
  • This kit includes all necessary hardware to mount the suspended system.
  • This ceiling hung sign comes in many different sizes and configurations to suit the purchaser's needs.
Ceiling Hung Sign for Businesses

This suspended display is ideal for a wide variety of businesses including art galleries, restaurants, hotels, retailers and many more! This ceiling hung sign, also known as overhead mount signage, can be installed virtually everywhere inside of an institution which gives businesses endless options. This display is perfect for a storefront window when utilizes as a double sided system so customers inside and outside of a store can see it. The acrylic panels are crystal clear so users can insert graphics back to back to increase advertising space making this system highly visible. This signage kit, ceiling hung sign is perfect for window displays where it is visible to customers passing by. This simple to use modern display can hold graphics, pictures, advertisements, art, and many more options. This ceiling hung sign is the ideal solution to business signage needs.

What are the benefits of this ceiling hung sign?
  • This cable display can be used as visual merchandising which has been proven to increase sales and traffic in an institution.
  • This ceiling hung sign can be mounted in a window display which can grab the attention of customers passing by.
  • These kits come with all included hardware to install making this display convenient for businesses.
  • This ceiling hanging sign can be installed virtually everywhere in a store making it versatile for businesses.
Ceiling Hung Sign with Acrylic Panels

This panel suspending system is the ideal advertising tool for businesses. Visual merchandising tools are known to increase sales and traffic in a store and this system is a convenient way to do so! This kit includes all needed hardware to install upon arrival making mounting simple and hassle-free. This signage is eye catching and will grab the customers' attention! This modern display is quickly gaining popularity due to the contemporary design nature and simple lines. This system creates an aesthetically pleasing advertising tool that works great in many environments! This display is relatively affordable and the return is well worth the investment.

This cable display kit includes easy to use acrylic frames that allow graphics to be changed out in minutes. There is a huge selection of size options for these suspended configurations so businesses can order the display that suits advertising needs. This signage is ready to install and looks great in storefront window displays. This kit comes with mounting hardware and panel grippers to securely hold signage in place. These cable systems provide businesses with merchandising variety. This overhead mount signage includes all necessary hardware to install making this display the ideal solution to business advertising. The included satin silver finished mounts and panel grippers add elegance to any environment. These systems can be combined with kits of different sizes to create the most unique display. This convenient display is perfect for businesses in need of marketing signage!

This display is sold as part of the overhead signage category. This category has a large selection of wire suspended display options. For more signage needs check out the window displays category! These products are designed to be compatible in order to create unique displays! In addition to supplies for suspended displays, our website has thousands of in stock POP displays to choose from. Browse this online catalog to find all advertising display needs!

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