Flat Screen Stands for Multi Monitors with Wheels for Portability

Portable Flat Screen Holders with Multiple Monitor Mounts for Advertising

Flat screen stand for multi monitors have wheels

Does your advertising presentation require more than one TV panel? Buy our flat screen stands for multi monitors in a variety of bracket configurations. Wheels enable easy transport across busy convention halls. The size of your audience and the subject matter will determine how many LCDs you'll use to display branded, promotional, or informational content. Some of our HD screen holders have a bracket on each side for advertising in two or more directions. Double-sided fixtures are great for malls and sports arenas. Other models position brackets side-by side to create a dynamic promotional layout. Digital signage is more engaging than static advertising, so the extra investment in technology is money well spent. We have the media carts to support you! Some of our TV racks are configured to display a combination of static and digital ads. Branding possibilities are endless when it comes to electronic signage, available in fixed and adjustable styles. Most of our floor standing digital sign holders come with wheels, but some have a boltable base.

What features should I consider when buying LCD television holders for public use?
  • Mounting Style: Our website-at-large features countertop, freestanding, wall, and ceiling mounted TV holders. Select freestanding television displays in large venues like trade shows, conventions centers, auditoriums and lecture halls.
  • Number of TV Monitors: Consider how many TV screens you’ll need to stream content on before choosing brackets. Play different programs at the same time, or put up a static ad next to streaming video.
  • Placement: As discussed earlier, malls are a great setting for streaming content from two sides to reach twice as many customers. Double sided fixtures grab traffic coming and going!
  • Associated Equipment: Many of our TV stands come with shelves and trays for laptops, keyboards, and a mouse. We offer shelving for DVD players and cameras as well.
  • Travel and carry cases: Our hard shell carryalls protect expensive equipment and keep necessary parts from getting lost.
  • Movement and adjustability: Some stands rotate, tilt, and pan for viewing in vertical and horizontal orientation. Other units have a fixed design, offering only horizontal views.
Double sided TV stands with magazine pockets

What commercial venues are mobile television displays used in? Our TV racks with travel cases for trade shows can measure as high as 120” -- so they are visible from a distance in malls and big arenas. Option for adjustable heights enable the operator to tailor viewing to the size of the crowd. Car dealerships and salons often stream demos across many screens. These technology fixtures are ideal in hospitals, offices, athletic centers and colleges. Our displays are sturdy and easy to maneuver. The wheels at the base of the stand make everything portable!

What floor standing television mount styles are featured in this collection?
  • Truss style is a popular stand with road warriors. Mount this unit without any tools whatsoever; the techy design looks great on a showroom floor. Locking clips secure monitors in the stand. A sturdy base in steel or wood keeps heavy equipment from toppling over. The beauty of this fixture is how easy it is to break down after an event - no tools required!
  • Create a video wall with our stationary TV stands to display branded content in large-scale venues. The wheeled base makes it easy to reposition and transport.
  • Choose our fixed television holders with locking media storage for extra security. Some units feature open shelves for AV equipment. Another benefit to some of the stands without wheels is that the base can be bolted to the ground.

If you’ll need shelving to house associated camera and VCR equipment, there are numerous options available. We provide exhibitors with racks for panel TVs in a variety of configurations. Present dynamic promotional videos, or a combination of static and dynamic advertising. Locking wheels enable the user to secure a media cart in place so it won’t roll away during presentations.

Designed for double duty, these racks for panel TVs display two or more LCD screens. An upright pole made of steel is sturdy enough to hold heavy LCD equipment. Most of these stands for multi monitors are height-adjustable. Place screens side by side, or on opposite sides of the pole to capture customer twice the attention in a large sports arena, mall, or convention hall. Display digital media across two televisions, or create a portable advertising system instead of a standard fixed-mount video wall.

Shelving can make this display kiosk your home base at a convention. Buy merchandising stands from a trusted wholesaler! Shop Displays2go for plasma screen stands for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, businesses and retail outlets. Enjoy fast shipping for most units when in stock. Buy storage cases to keep expensive equipment from getting damaged during transit. Easy to assemble, sleek and stylish, these bracket systems are a great buy!

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