Audio Visual Carts with Wheels

Find an Audio Visual Cart for Any Classroom, Office, or Meeting Room

Audio Visual Cart with WheelsLooking for an audio visual cart to hold multimedia equipment in a classroom or office? Then this online catalog is the ideal supplier! This audio visual cart line boasts a sturdy steel construction and a great variety of features to suit many different AV cart needs. These mobile media trolleys with cabinets can also hold laptops or DVD players, and some models have brackets to hold flat screens. These utility workstations have a powder coated black finish to blend into any environment. These multimedia trolleys, AV carts are easy to move around even while holding equipment. Two locking wheels provide stability while the trolley is in use. Many of these classroom workstations have shelving that is height adjustable to suit the size of equipment being used. These TV carts come with a UL listed 20' cord, 4 outlets power strip with surge protector, and cord winder. An AV cart is great variety for classrooms and businesses of all sizes and needs.

AV Cart with Swivel Wheels Where can these trolleys with cabinets be used?
  • In offices for presentations in meeting rooms.
  • In church halls
  • These TV carts with wheels are great in buildings that require mobile equipment trolleys that may be needed in different rooms.

This selection of multimedia workstations ships ready to assemble! Schools are often on a tight budget so it can be challenging to find the right presentation equipment holder. AV carts provide lasting multimedia furniture to complete any education classroom. Purchasers can utilize one cart in many places due to the high mobility of this trolley. Once wheeled to the desired location, these AV trolleys with pull out shelves can be locked into place with the two locking wheels. When on a strict budget (as most classrooms and offices are), a lasting and functional display for multimedia is highly desired. These trolleys are made of sturdy steel provide just that, a lasting display. For those spaces that require a little extra security, the trolley with a locking door or cabinet is perfect. Teachers or other users will know that expensive equipment can be kept safe. This AV equipment, with adjustable shelves, is versatile. The units with a pull out shelf can be used to hold a laptop and then the shelf can be hidden while not in use so it does not protrude and take up space.

What features do these media trolleys have?
  • These classroom projector workstations are made of sturdy steel to last.
  • Many of these units include a locking storage cabinet or drawer to store valuable equipment (Select models feature a ventilated locking cabinet).
  • These workstations have 4 swivel casters (2 of which lock to keep cart stable while in use).
  • A selection of these trolleys include flat screen TV mounts.
  • A few rolling models also include a pull out shelf for additional work space.

Mobile Furniture for Classroom UseThe workstations with TV mounts are innovational. Flat screens are now becoming more and more affordable so classrooms and offices are utilizing them for presentation use. The flat screens take up less space and this tv mount and shelving unit in one provides an all-inclusive workstation. These displays also come with power cords, surge protectors, and a cord winder to provide the purchaser with everything needed other than the AV equipment itself! These units are priced accordingly and are a quality item that will be used for many years in classrooms or offices. These education workstations are shipped ready to assemble to save on shipping costs. Many of the units with shelves include a mat to keep equipment in place.

These mobile trolley units can hold flat screens, laptops, DVD players, projectors, and any other equipment! This display is great for the classroom and can also be utilized in the office meeting room. This selection has many different options and functionalities to suit any need. This classroom furniture for AV equipment is a sturdy utility cart. This mobile workstation has swiveling wheels with locking capability. There are many sizes to choose from depending on the size of the space where the trolley will be utilized. The black powder coated finish is sleek and stylish as to not clash with any environment. The clean look is sure to fit in nearly anywhere! These steel multimedia trolleys have versatile shelves with the option of different heights and locking cabinets or drawers. Depending on the need, there is an option for everyone!

These media trolleys are ideal for classroom or office use. These AV holders with a pull out shelf provide a great selection of multimedia display options. These multimedia workstations made of steel are the perfect addition to classrooms and offices. This fixture will look great whether in a lecture hall, small classroom, or office meeting room. Find more television racks in this online catalog. This category has a large selection of units ideal for business meeting rooms and even for educational rooms. In addition to conference room trolleys, this site has thousands of in stock POP displays to choose from. Browse this online catalog to find all advertising display needs!

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