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LED Signs With Various Messages

These LED Signs Feature Various Animation Settings!

Are you shopping for LED signs to increase your business exposure? Do you want electronic message displays that mount in a window or from a ceiling? These LED signs are the ideal solution! Choose from a wide variety of window mounted signage with flashing animation and different colors. The open LED signs are an effective method of informing shoppers that a store is available for business. The bright lights and color changes lure the eye to the illuminated message. There are LED signs with "closed" featured on the same unit, effectively making it two signs for the price of one. Other open signage includes units with write-on boards, as well as oval and rectangular shapes. All of these LED signs for businesses feature various settings to control the animation. Choose to have the lights steady-on, flashing, scrolling or chasing. Some LED signs may have a limited number of animation settings; please read the product page for details. The bright illumination is visible even during peak daylight hours.

All of these LED signs, also know as electronic window signage include mounting hardware. Most of these open signage feature S-hooks and chains that attach to a ceiling. Other indoor LED signs offered here can be mounted to a window with the addition of suction cups. The hanging chain is adjustable; allowing users to mount the unit at the desired level. Most of these LED signs feature a pull string or a power switch to control the animation. These electronic displays with flashing colors will cause shoppers walking outdoors to stop and take notice of the illuminated messages and images. These LED signs that are made with plastic are often seen in bakery windows, hair salons, small convenient stores, and other retail businesses. These units do not get hot like most illuminated signage, therefore allowing business owners to leave them on all day without having to worry about a fire hazard.

    What is the average life span of these LED signs?
  • Light emitting diodes (LED) last for more than 100,000 hours of continuous use. Most businesses will not leave these electronic window displays on, thereby extending the life well-past 11 years.
  • These LED signs require no bulb changing. Simply plug the unit in, and change the animation settings when necessary.
  • Most of these flashing displays feature an on/off switch.

These LED signs are suitable for most any type of business. Take the guesswork out of wondering if a shop is open for business with these flashing displays. Hang these LED signs that say "open" in a storefront window to announce the status of a business institution. There is a wide range of phrases and message offered among this ceiling hung signage. Other indoor electronic messages, flashing LED signs include "pizza", "Wi-Fi hot spot", as well as "tanning" and "nails". Motels and B&B's purchase this "(no) vacancy" sign to let travelers know the current status of available rooms. Small business owners with limited window space purchase these vertical LED signs. With such a huge assortment of message options and styles there is sure to be a flashing electronic sign here that will help to promote any type of business.

    Are these LED signs programmable?
  • Many of these business signage solutions feature different settings to control the flashing animation.
  • Recently one of these LED signs is programmable. This business signage reads; "we deliver" with a programmable area for a phone number.
  • These electronic signage displays are economical alternatives to costly programmable marquees, yet are just as effective at capturing the attention of outdoor passersby.

Many of these indoor electronic displays include chains or other hanging hardware to mount from a ceiling or in a business window. All of this signage is relatively lightweight allowing them to be hung from drop ceilings and other types of surfaces. Use these indoor message displays to capture the attention of outdoor passersby. The flashing colors and animation make this business signage more effective than traditional static posters. These light emitting diode sign options are an economical alternative to similar neon or fluorescent displays. There are several price ranges available here. Choose from economical open-face designs, enclosed units, as well as open signage that mimic the look of neon without the expensive price tag. Along with the standard "open" and "welcome" advertising displays, there are also units with a write-on board. Use this unique business signage with flashing animation to promote drink specials or to advertise upcoming live entertainment. New indoor window displays recently added include; "ATM", "coffee", "beer & wine", "ice cream" and many others.

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