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Personalized Trash Cans with Decals and Stretch Covers

Custom Garbage Bins Provide Supplemental Advertising to an Establishment

Did you ever think your wastebasket could be used for promotional purposes? With custom trash can covers, you’ll be able to advertise to every person passing by or throwing things away. Promote an event, showcase a company logo, or script a message from your sponsors. Custom trash can covers allow advertising in a unique way — now businesses can brand their own garbage bins! If you think about how often these receptacles are used, it would be a waste to miss this advertising opportunity. Trash can covers are a necessity at any large event or venue where the garbage can pile up — so essentially this can be any location. Besides the marketing benefits, these shells can be used to simply dress up a boring bin!

What are some of the benefits of waste receptacle spandex wraps? Custom trash can covers come in three popular sizes — 32, 44, and 52-gallon barrels. The unique stretch polyester material of each shell gives each bin a clean and contoured finish. The fabric clings to the receptacle and fits it like a glove. Full-color printing and customization put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to designing the spandex wrap. Simply follow the artwork template and guidelines on the product page. It’s the easiest way to keep unsightly wastebaskets covered, while simultaneously having a promotional purpose. Each shell is machine washable and dryable — making it easy to maintain and keep looking great.

How else can wastebasket wraps benefit you? Use these spandex shells as an opportunity to cash in on companies looking to brand themselves. Running a trade show or other venue event? Create sponsorship packages where businesses can pay to get their name out there. In large functions where there’s lots of foot traffic, companies are always looking for ways to receive brand recognition. Paying to have a logo or name on a garbage bin is advertising well worth the investment. Whether you’re looking to disguise an unattractive waste receptacle or you’re in search of supplemental ways to advertise, investing in these spandex wraps will benefit your business. Looking for other types of waste receptacles? Browse through our site to view indoor and outdoor rated containers for commercial use and recycling bins!

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