Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Case Suitable for Exhibiting Sports Memorabilia

These acrylic display cases come in a variety of plastic styles to create custom merchandising arrangements. Let’s discuss some common uses for these store fixtures. This type of plastic box can hold collectibles, figurines and dolls in a home or jewelry and other merchandise in retail environments. Acrylic display cases are also a great choice when it comes to showcasing sports memorabilia! No matter what is displayed; compare these cases to custom glass products any day. Transparent acrylic is an economical and lightweight means to display any merchandise. These acrylic displays provide a way to proudly display memorabilia, or high priced electronics or jewelry. Plus, the fixtures are well protected during shipping which will minimize breakage due to a handling mishap.

These acrylic display cases are CNC laser cut to ensure consistent quality and eliminate the need for a labor intensive, stress creating, bonding process. This process polishes the edges while cutting, allowing for cost reduction by eliminating the need for diamond polishing, or flame polishing. Whether you are shopping for store fixtures for antiques, shot glasses, or die-cast cars, these pre-assembled plexiglass dust-free cases should be your first choice.

Keep these cabinets on retail counters or shelves to showcase small electronic items. There is no need to worry about theft because each of these acrylic cases is built with a cam lock and a set of keys. Clear plexiglass cabinets are especially useful when displaying similar electronic products like digital cameras or cell phones. Exhibit all the product varieties offered at a store neatly in one of these display boxes instead of scattering them around a table or counter. These displays are manufactured with clear acrylic, so that items are easily visible from all directions. Units are available with multiple shelves to accommodate different types and sizes of products or collectibles. Among the features of this product line, there are wide, narrow, and hexagonal shaped units that have either sliding or swing open double doors.

What are the benefits to displaying items in plexiglass display cases?
  • If you run a retail store you most likely have small valuable items that you want to display, but don't want customers to have access to without your presence. These locking cases will keep your high-ticket items secure, and in clear sight of your patrons.
  • These clear cabinets will also keep your delicate electronics, or fragile collectibles free from dust.
  • One of the great benefits to these acrylic cases is their size. One person can easily lift and relocate these cases, allowing you to create a display in another area of your store.
Acrylic Display Case features Rear access Door

Displays2go is a one stop shop for all point of purchase needs including ballot boxes, sign holders, lecterns, stanchions, trade show displays, and literature stands. Many of these products are constructed from plexiglass because of its popularity. Its transparent appearance does not detract from any décor or environment and the beautiful high gloss finish has an attractive and classy appearance similar to that of glass but with more benefits. Over glass, plexi is stronger, more impact resistant, lightweight, won't shatter, easier to fabricate, and can be easily formed. In fact there are few categories of display products that we sell that don't include highly popular plastic models. There are thousands of products in-stock, ready to ship. We have been manufacturing and shipping POP products for over 39 years! Orders can be easily placed from this website or over the phone. Call center staff members are waiting for your order. In addition, there is a design sales team available to quote and prototype custom sample requests in hours not days. Start shopping today!

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