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Message & Notice Boards for Schools, Restaurants & Businesses

From school hallways to city council offices to neighborhood restaurants to doctor’s office waiting rooms, you’ll see a selection of message & notice boards almost anywhere you go! Walk into any office break room or kitchen area and you’ll likely see a hanging cork board with announcements for employees tacked to it providing vital company or event information to take-away or simply browse while passing by or on a break. Enter any elementary school classroom and you’ll see a message & notice board full of artwork, assignments, or other decorations congradulating students work and showcasing top test scores or artistic pieces. Even when you go out to dinner on the weekends you will probably see an outdoor noticeboard holding the restaurant’s menu. Message & notice boards are a staple for any high-traffic public environment where digital signage may not be optimal, or flyers and brouchures may be swapped out at-will by students or faculty. Thesee pinboards and whiteboards are available in many different styles, sizes, and materials with even more special features! Will you need to roll your board from room to room? Do you want to post messages with thumb tacks or magnetics? Would old-fashion chalk or neon wet-erase markers coordinate better with your café’s décor? Consider the following notice board features as you browse:

Common Notice Board Styles:
  • Enclosed
  • Open-Face
  • Outdoor/Weather-Proof
  • Write-On
  • Light Up
  • Rolling
  • Magnetic
  • Hook and Hoop
  • Interactive
Common Notice Board Materials:
  • Cork
  • Fabric
  • Recycled Rubber
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • White & Black Melamine/Porcelain
  • Steel
  • Chalkboard

Depending on your desired use and location, you’re sure to find the message board for you! Shop by board-type, size, or special feature on this page. We carry a large selection of products to suit your business' specific needs, from interactive digital whiteboards, which excel in the clasroom, to analog dirctories with slide-in letters. Browse our catalog to find the right outdoor weatherproof bulletin board for your patio or front entryway, or even an LED write-on board for your restaurant or bar. Not sure exactly which type will work best for you? Try out live chat or call one of our customer service reps - they would be happy to walk you through your board options and suggest products that will work for you.

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