iPad/iPhone Charging Stations - Floorstanding Tablet Chargers

Multi Device Charging Stations for Tablets and Phones

Trying to think up a new strategy for getting your message or literature out there? iPad/iPhone charging stations are a powerful way to capture attention while providing a valuable service to potential customers. Create a public kiosk that stands tall on its own and delivers a branding impact to users as they wait to charge their device. Used at tradeshows, in retail, and any other public gathering, these stations are highly sought out as nearby attendees watch the battery life on their iPad or Surface slowly decrease at a pivotal moment. Using a three-prong cable head, it doesn't matter whether customers prefer Apple, Microsoft, Google or HP tablets, they can likely be accommodated. With pockets that can fit iPhones, phablets and tablets no customer will be left with a dead device when it matters most.

Customize the floorstanding charger by putting a brand, logo or message on the side-panel graphics or overhead sign. Distribute multiple pamphlets or brochures using adjustable acrylic literature pockets that can be removed when not in use. Position chairs or sofas nearby the charger, so that users can have a seat and read the literature or network with one another while they wait for their lithium ion batteries to charge. Many of these charger docks can support up to 8 devices at one time. Strategically place them throughout the convention for a marketing tool at every corner, or place more than one in a single busy location. The hardware is securely locked in the back, but can easily be unlocked and accessed from the back if necessary.

Many freestanding charging kiosks are designed for cell phones only. These recharging stations are built with the capability of holding both iPhones and tablets of all sizes with the large lower pocket. From Apple iPads and Google Nexus tablets to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, these stations can hold both multiple quantities and multiple types of devices. With tablets in frequent use in business settings, it is important to offer courtesy recharging assistance to tablet-users as well. Malls, universities, conventions and offices are just a few examples of establishments that use multi device charging stations as an amenity for their visitors. Lobbies, waiting rooms and conference halls are a few rooms and buildings where they are used the most. Offering a free, valuable service is the best way to market to consumers. They will associate helpfulness with the branding, and be more likely to have a positive affinity for the company when it comes time to make a purchase or decision. Boost your marketing strategy with a fleet of multi device charging stations today!

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