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Digital Signage Displays for Video Advertising and Interactive Menus

Freestanding Digital Signage — TV Display Kiosks with Content Templates

Digital Signage Display for Advertising

Would you like to take your static advertising to the next level so you can really engage your customers? Our digital signage displays blend electronic posters with a conventional lobby stand for a dynamic result that is sure to increase the reach and impact of your branding. Whether you're displaying goods at a trade show or giving a sales presentation at the office, these cutting edge advertising displays marry form and function and make it memorable. Digital signage displays with plug & play technology elevates you from dabbler to expert in a very short time. Our floor-standing e-posters come in 22" or 26" sizes with different finishes and configurations for just about any commercial marketing purpose. We even have digital signage displays that are portable and fit in a carry bag, perfect for trunk shows, as well as more massive units for use in malls and sports arenas.

What types of electronic poster stands are available?
  • Digital signage displays with a monitor come in 22" or 26" sizing and are great for office and sales presentations or trade show booths.
  • Portable lobby stands with locking caster wheels that can be moved from one room to the next (great for hotels, hospitals, courtrooms, and schools).
  • Stationary media stands with a weighted base available in a range of sizes (great for retail store advertising and trunk shows). Some of these units come with shelves and demo tables built in or signage enclosures for branding purposes.

Our e-poster stands have become some of the most popular communication tools known to marketers. More powerful visually than static signage, these displays are more cost effective than relying on conventional print advertising. Of course the initial cost will impact your budget — but over time the returns will make the initial expense completely worth it. Gone will be your need for so much print advertising, which can cost a fortune.

Best of all, our signage displays are simply more engaging and memorable than a piece of poster board. Restaurant including chains know well how true this is — while their customers wait in line they are virtually being exposed to lots of content that will have an impact on what they buy and what ideas they take away with them after they leave your venue.

How does the media player function?
  • Our bundled software systems utilize plug & play technology where users save content to a USB thumb drive, plug the memory stick into the sign, and software detects its presence and plays it on the monitor.
  • An included remote control allows the user to navigate through the menu, just like you'd do with a DVD player, and play the files as needed.
  • Content is shown statically or in slideshow format. Most of our poster signs can accept video and image files, even music files to add dimension to the presentations.

Unlike most companies, we offer signs that are all-in-one advertising kiosks that are technologically cutting edge and affordable &mdash with everything you need to create stunning advertising presentations. With your purchase you will receive a media stand, monitor (typically ultra-thin LED), and a content player which is usually located in the rear of the flat screen. Most importantly Displays2go has your back when it comes to offering you user-friendly commercial monitors and content systems that you can actually use! Offering a comprehensive product package makes shopping one-stop - and busy customers appreciate this. Centralizing the offerings ensures customers have access to everything they need to be fully functional - and that they won't forget any of the details. Order one - and done!

This electronic signage is commercial-grade only, and extremely durable in sports arenas, travel agencies, malls, and other large-scale shopping plazas and public venues. Stream live TV, advertising slideshows or videos, and much more using these commercial-grade marketing kiosks. Our units come with a long warranty providing the technology is used commercially and not residentially. Most of these technology signs have a typical run time of 16 hours a day - that’s about 8 hours or longer than the average household uses their TV for entertainment or home office purposes. Our monitors come in 720p and 1080p resolutions according to the model. This type of signage runs perfectly well on 720p, delivering high quality images, despite the misinformation you may stumble on. The only time that will not be appropriate is if you’re showing Blu-Ray® video.

Our media advertising kit offers access to free web-based template-editing software. Entering the world of electronic signage is a big step and Displays2go understands that! Content management would be an overwhelming task for most people - so we’ve made it easy by tying everything into one bundle and providing the needed support to make sure customers can integrated the hardware and software so they can get the mileage out of these top-end products. Face it, most of us don’t have the time to become experts in Photoshop, software programs, or new media. Few companies have the money budgeted to hire a graphic design team to manage their content creation endeavors &mdash or outsource it. After really listening to our customers, our tech department has created an easy to learn software program that manages content &mdash for no additional cost! We only ask that you purchase the hardware that it will be loaded on. This puts the power back in the hands of our customers and gives them the control over their content. Even the most technologically challenged business person finds our all-in-one electronic signs easy to navigate!

Displays2go is a leading supplier of point of purchase displays in both stock and customizable options. In this selection of cutting edge electronic poster stands we offer an impressive and varied selection of small and large format commercial monitors as well as our newest addition, Shadowbox LCD displays. We offer a myriad of colors for our technology kiosks including classic black, white, and silver, and some of our stands have shelving and added stylistic flourishes such as a curved base. Call our customer care team with questions on technology mounts, associated software, and networking solutions. Static signs are great &mdash but digitized signage with built-in media players is even more captivating to the public! So buy one today!

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