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Oversized Car Display Bows - Specialty Advertising for Auto Dealerships

Magnetic Oversize Car Bows for Retail Displays and Large Gifts

oversized car display bows

Want your vehicles to stand out in the dealership lot? These oversized car display bows are great for calling attention to sedans, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and even boats! In retail stores and malls, these glossy plastic ribbons are excellent for accompanying large merchandise like appliances and furniture. Giving a big present to a loved one? Our reusable oversized car display bows are ideal for presenting giant gifts with flair. While they're great for holiday promotions, their noticeable appearance turns heads all year round! Browse our selection of magnetic oversized car display bows all offered with wholesale pricing and quick shipping.

Why use these large ribbons for promotion?
  • It's hard to miss these oversized car display bows no matter where they're placed. What's more enticing than a giant present? Whether they're out on the lot or in the showroom, these vibrant PET plastic garnishes will make vehicles look special. These visual merchandising accessories are available in an assortment of colors to go with any dealership. Create a festive promotion for the holidays with striking red and green trimmings or match your logo with our other bright shades. Their flashy metallic finish will create dancing reflections that are sure to catch attention and drive sales.
  • Our oversize car display bows are made from durable PET plastic, making them weather resistant and reusable. Place these metallic finish ribbons on vehicles outside in the car lot where they can be seen by drivers. The weather resistant ties are durable enough to be featured outdoors during winter months for creating festive showcases. In retail stores, the flexible ribbons can be moved from one featured appliance to the next while keeping their professional appearance.
  • Each of the big car display bows features a magnetic connector that allows it to stay attached to vehicles, metal walls and lampposts. Part of their weather resistant design, the magnets keep the decorations from blowing away in light wind. The metallic display bows are also made of plastic to be scratch resistant. This means they can be placed on vehicles without scratching the windshield or the paint on the hood. Auto dealers and retail store owners don't have to worry about losing their visual merchandising to weather or damaging their product.
oversize car display bows

These specialty display bows are great for making a statement whether they're used to sell SUVs, refrigerators, or couches. While they make for enticing visual merchandising, they're also great as decorations because they can stick to anything with a magnet receptive surface. Place the display bows on lampposts, wall panels and anything else metal to create festive ornaments. They will also make large gifts even more special. As it's often seen in commercials and TV shows, giving someone a big present with one of these display bows is an exciting way to celebrate an occasion. Birthday, graduation, and Christmas gifts can all feature one of these novelty ribbons to make for a memorable and heartfelt event. Browse our inventory for 1000s of great display fixtures.

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