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Holiday Cardboard Displays & Donation Boxes for Merchandising, Fundraising & Sales Leads

Pre-Printed Corrugated Counter Displays & Collection Boxes for Commercial Settings - Custom Text Options

Are you in search of lightweight and economical specialty fixtures and accessories for the Christmas season? Our holiday cardboard displays & donation boxes are ideal for commercial use in retail and fundraising environments. Made from lightweight, pre-printed corrugated paper, these folding fixtures have seasonal designs and messages that are cheerful and bright to attract attention from customers, patrons, students, and passers-by. Our holiday cardboard displays & donation boxes offer two messaging styles for convenience: stock graphics, and stock messaging with an optional line of custom text for branding or identification. The folding fixtures are pre-scored for easy assembly, and ship flat for economical shipping. Styles include both tiered retail merchandisers with customized shelf labeling and top-insert collection containers in a variety of sizes. Portable holiday cardboard displays & donation boxes, also known as lightweight, corrugated fixtures, are ideal for use both on-site or off-site. Stores and restaurants use open-front countertop stands for showcasing small merchandise at point-of-sale or on end-caps. Top-insert collectors are versatile bins that can be used for lead generation or contest entries, but also are perfect for fundraising and charitable giving collections. Our seasonal printed countertop containers' strong corrugated fabrication is designed to stand up to use year after year. Since these fixtures can be broken down flat, it's easy to store them for future use. A choice of festive graphics and colors allows you to order the style that will best match existing decor, brand imaging, or even specialty seasonal decorations.

Where can you find these portable tiered displays and collection containers?
  • Holiday cardboard displays & donation boxes are used in retail stores as seasonal merchandising stands. Multi-tiered countertop fixtures are great for specialty items or impulse buys. Retailers also use countertop collection containers by a cashier stand to get email addresses or business cards from customers for marketing lead generation to build mailing lists and coupon opportunities.
  • Corporate businesses use top-insert corrugated boxes as year-end suggestion boxes. With these, management can help increase employee engagement and satisfactions. Our corrugated donation boxes are great for contests and sweepstakes as well. To build morale, businesses can host giveaways for services, free vacations, gift certificates, or electronics. Employees can enter their name for a chance to win a prize!
  • Trade shows and booth counters are perfect spots for vendors to use branded tiered display units to showcase specialty goods. Artisanal foods, handmade products, and craft items stand out easily on our white corrugated fixtures. Branding and messaging on shelf fronts adds a personalized touch to these stands, helping to attract customers passing by.
  • Churches, schools, community centers, and other organizations and facilities use lightweight portable collection containers for fundraising events and charity drives. The simple design and high visibility make these lightweight accessories ideal for in-store or offsite use. Our portable collection containers are a cost-effective solution for collecting donations on booth tables and countertops as well as at point of sale.

Custom printed and designed fixtures can be expensive and require specialty printing and design services. Our selection of pre-printed and cost effective cardboard countertop fixtures are economical, stylish, and available in a range of matching marketing materials for a coordinated merchandising program. These low budget decorated displays are versatile and can be used anywhere. The pre-printed seasonal options available here are convenient and will match any themed decorating scheme for the season. Showcase your merchandise on our tiered displays or collect money for a good cause. Regardless of what you use our lightweight corrugated fixtures for, we know that you’ll be pleased with variety of options. In additionto the seasonal styles shown here, we offer a range of a cost effective durable donation box models for year-round fundraising, lead collection, and contest managementfor you to browse through. We take pride in providing our customers with high quality products at an affordable cost. Shop online at Displays2go.com for quick shipping and low prices!

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