Lighted Lounge Furniture Creates an Illuminated Setting

LED Lounge Sets Add a Modern Feel and Glow to the Environment

Looking to create an upbeat and fun atmosphere in a bar or nightclub? Filling your space with lighted lounge furniture is a great way to raise the entertainment level in any setting. Available in cylinder and cube designs, these LED table and chair sets produce a captivating, colorful soft-glowing light to get the party started in nightclubs circuits. Lighted lounge furniture looks best in a dark or dimly lit environment - meaning that it can be used in a multitude of settings. Restaurants, the hospitality industry, and even trade shows can benefit from our LED table and chair sets for seating and entertainment purposes.

Why should I purchase these LED table and seating sets?
  • Our lighted lounge furniture comes equipped with all you need to make a lasting impression on guests. Choose from a cylinder or cube-style design that comes with one table and two seats.
  • Lighted
  • Change the tone of an atmosphere instantly with the included remote. With this device, you can choose from numerous light settings of flash, strobe, fade, and smooth - one for every type of environment.
  • The controls let you choose from 16 different hues. With the remote, users are also able to display a single color or opt for a rainbow of colors- each piece can show a different shade.
  • The table set when fully powered has a battery life of twelve hours. Business owners won’t have to worry about their tables or seating losing its glow as the night goes by.
  • The plastic construction of each piece and rubber guards on the charging plugs make it waterproof. In busy bars and nightclubs, drinks often spill and could easily ruin the surrounding furnishings - a waterproof construction will bring peace of mind to consumers!
  • These tables and chairs sets have a modern, white finish when not illuminated giving them added versatility for use during the day or when you just want to preserve the battery.

Adding LED table and seating sets to your establishment is an easy way to enhance the setting and create an upbeat atmosphere. With the variety of colors and illumination settings, it’s easy to find one that fits your bar or nightclub. Looking for more LED furnishings? Browse through other illuminated furniture options to fill your place of business. Whether it’s a restaurant, a trade show booth, or a banquet hall, adding a little glow to the room never goes unnoticed!

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