Custom Printed Wall Signage - Acrylic Panels with Stainless Steel Standoffs

Wall Mounted Signage with Full Color Custom Printing

custom printed wall mounted signage

Need a graphic with a modern appearance? Our custom printed wall signage is perfect for featuring promotional images and logos. Each sign consists of an acrylic panel, one of which is imprinted with a digital UV process. The custom printed wall signage will have your personalized design in full color with vivid detail. Each fixture uses stainless steel standoffs for a sleek, contemporary appearance that's ideal for offices, stores, and service organizations. Use custom printed wall signage to feature your ads, artwork, and wayfinding information with a professional presentation.

How do we create high quality graphics for these mounted signs?
  • This custom printed wall signage includes high-quality UV imprinting that creates long-lasting, full color images.
  • Customers purchasing these signs need to submit their artwork in the form of an Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator file.
  • We imprint this image onto an acrylic plate with a large flatbed printer. This is a "second surface" process, putting the picture in reverse on the backside of the unit. The image is just as easy to see, yet it can't be scratched off because it's protected by a full layer of acrylic.
  • As the printer distributes ink on the surface, it's quickly dried by ultraviolet lights before it can spread out. This creates a high resolution image that's accurate to the submitted artwork.
custom printed wayfinding signs

Why use this custom wall signage to feature your graphics? The acrylic construction creates an attractive sheen that catches the attention of passersby. Because the displays are held up with silver standoffs, they also have a frameless design that accentuates the artwork rather than the frame holding it. The included metal spacers hold graphics about an inch away from the vertical surface they're mounted on. In addition, the simple circular standoffs create a sleek accent that adds to their modern presentation.

Our wall signage is offered in a variety of sizes and styles. Large poster sizes like 24" x 36" are excellent for advertisements because they can grab attention from afar. Also available are 3-panel triptych models that create an upscale artwork showcase. We also sell a variety of smaller fabrications that are great for wayfinding in large buildings. These are excellent for keeping people informed about what floor they're on, who works in this office, or simply where the break room is.

If you're looking for a modern solution for featuring images, this wall signage is perfect. Don't bother with anything less than our professional UV printing process, get your picture in the highest definition possible! Keep your acrylic display well-polished and feature whatever you want with an unbeatable appearance. Shop on and get affordable pricing on bulk orders.

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