Pre-Printed and Customizable Themed Street Pole Banners with Bold Graphics for Outdoors

Double-Sided Canvas & Vinyl Outdoor Light Post Flags with High Visibility Graphics and Customizable Messages

pre-printed customizable themed street pole banners

Looking for a proven method for economically promoting your messaging to thousands of people for seasonal, specialty, or year-round outdoor advertising? Pre-printed and customizable themed street pole banners are one of the most effective choices for reaching the public. These high visibility lamp post displays are frequently found in downtown areas or along public thoroughfares in towns, cities, and on campuses around the world. Pre-printed and customizable themed street pole banners with bold graphics, available as either single fixtures or light post flag sets with complementary left and right images, are designed for maximum visibility by foot traffic and passing cars. Heavy-duty weather resistant construction and fade-resistant inks keep civic brand messages, event information, and decorations bright and fresh over long outdoor use. Our versatile pre-printed and customizable themed street pole banners come in a variety of themes, from seasonal messaging to specialty festivals and city promotions. Most flags and sets include the option to add brand logos, town names, event information, or other personalized messaging for maximum visual impact.

What kinds of custom street pole banners are available?
  • Lamp post flags are available either as single banners or as sets of two that present complementary images on either side of the support for a unified graphic image.
  • Pre-printed light post graphics come in standard designs with bold images and bright colors. Most styles offer one or sometimes two areas that can be easily personalized with logos, brand names, specialty messaging, or event information.
  • Customized canvas boulevard banner sets generally feature three sizes per design, to accommodate almost every size post. Small, medium, and large flags can be used to help create uniform messaging throughout towns or campuses. Heavy duty water-resistant fabric and fade-resistant inks create long-lasting outdoor displays.
  • Personalized vinyl lamp post flags with eye-catching, bold images offer maximum weight for stability and are fully waterproof to protect against the elements.

Our durable customizable themed street lamp banners feature sturdy construction, using either 9.25 oz marine-grade canvas or heavy duty 18 oz vinyl to create durable displays that resist fading or weather damage. Simple top and bottom pole pockets sewn into the fabric are compatible with most standard arm-style mounting systems. In addition, each of these wind resistant light pole flag sets and single fixtures features metal grommets for additional security when installed. Printed using specialized UV-resistant inks, these personalized themed street pole banners feature bold graphics that retain their color and crisp messaging over long outdoor use.

How big are light pole banners?

  • Pre-printed and customizable themed street pole banners come in three standard size options that are designed to fit a wide variety of light post fixtures ranging from 8 feet tall to more than 30 feet tall.
  • Small 18" x 36" avenue banners work best on shorter lamp posts in the 8'-12' range.
  • Larger 30" x 60" light post flag sets offer high visibility when used on 16' to 20' street poles, making them ideal for public messaging.
  • Designed for use on 20' to 30' tall lamp posts and street lights, 30" x 94" municipal event flags for advertisements or civic promotions offer maximum visibility in high traffic areas.

Our themed street pole banners feature imprinted graphics and messaging in bold, eye-catching colors. Each display is double-sided, offering right-reading text on both front and back for maximum impact. Single flags can be purchased in multiple quantities to hang on both sides of supports, while post flag sets feature complementary designs that create a unified graphic visually spanning the left and right sides when installed.

How are Street Pole Banners and Light Post Flag Sets used for Advertising?
  • Themed street pole banners are a ubiquitous sight during the holiday season. However, these versatile displays are a popular choice for more than just putting up pretty pictures of wreaths, menorahs, or candy canes...
  • City and town displays by municipal governments and local councils use lamp post decorations to advertise special events, centennials, Founder's Days, awards, and specialty festivals. Nothing reminds townspeople that their school teams were "State Championship Winners" like a series of hanging displays that say "State Championship Winners" lining Main Street.
  • Neighborhoods and residential developments use light pole banners for branding & identity building. Bold graphics and recognizable logos help reinforce unity and help with wayfinding while welcoming residents and visitors alike.
  • Churches & social organizations frequently use hanging flag displays in parking lots as well as street-side to promote Holiday celebrations, festival or event information, seasonal messages, and even sponsorships.
  • Light post flag sets are an ideal choice for business advertising. In addition to being popular choices at malls, these accessories are also successfully employed by many Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations as marketing initiatives. Recurring events such as farmers' markets, fairs, or even single businesses use this type of marketing to create high visibility promotions that will attract year-round attention.
  • Schools, colleges & universities use hanging flags for everything from branding, and wayfinding to advertising museum exhibits, theater productions, and special functions. Corporate campuses find that these versatile fixtures help create a unified experience for employees and visitors alike.

Outdoor hanging banner displays are proven to be one of the most effective ways of attracting customer attention. In addition to vinyl or lamp post banners, Displays2go offers a wide variety of easy to transport portable marketing flag solutions for trade shows or other short-term uses. Our huge selection ensures that companies across all industries can find the merchandising fixtures and accessories that meet their specific promotional needs.

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