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Patriotic Flags with Red, White, and Blue Printing

Open, Sale, and Welcome Business Flags Display Patriotic Colors

Use these patriotic flags to send a highly viable message to passersby at your retail store, restaurant, dealership, or specialty location. The vibrant red, white, and blue pre-printed design of these nylon banners have bold black text that is noticeable and easy to read even from a distance. Place a display by the side of the street, near the entrance of your business, or even inside to direct existing and potential customers to your latest sale, announce a grand opening, welcome them, or just fly the United States colors!

Our patriotic flags are made from a resistant double-hemmed nylon, designed to withstand the elements when left outside for prolonged periods. The pre-printed waving displays are resilient to the fading effects of the sun so you can be sure that they retain their vibrant colors through any season. Most banner stands comprise of detachable pieces, which can be easily set up or taken down in less than 5 minutes. For wall mounts, all hardware is included. These patriotic flags are built to last, able to resist storm winds of up to 25 mph. However, we advise taking this outside promotional material inside during inclement weather.

What kind of messages can your business send?

  • Let's get down to basics. Every store needs an "Open" or "Welcome" sign, but LED or neon light alternatives can be expensive or clash with your shop’s image. Patriotic flags with open signage are a great way to tell the public that you are available to help them. Place a wall mounted display at your front entrance, sidewalk, or lawn with a ground spike.
  • Do you have a grand opening coming up? Congratulations! There is no better way to tell the world, foster interest, and attract new customers in your area than a "Grand Opening" banner flying outside of your new business. Curiosity sells, so grab the attention of local passerby with these vibrant reds, whites, and blues to start this venture off right.
  • These waving displays are essential for any car dealership as well. No need for cheap gimmicks like giant inflatable tube men, this signage sends a clear message without the fluff. A 14' feather flag displayed streetside can tell customers they can buy, sell, or trade their vehicle at your location or remind them that you have used cars for sale.
  • The simplest option is to fly the traditional United States flag from a wall-mount and flag pole. Or, if you have the room, our telescoping pole extends up to 20' tall for the most viable demonstration of your business' patriotism!

We carry an array of outdoor display options. Most popular are the 14' feather banners that come with a ground spike for easy installation. We offer wall mounts with flagpoles, as well as portable water-filled stands.

Our USA themed line includes feather, teardrop, and rectangular options all with matching red, white and blue colors. A diverse line of outdoor advertisements draw your customers attention and keep them engaged. We also offer personalized options increase brand authority and allow for pinpointed advertising. Use custom bow flags to feature your business' logo and any image by uploading your artwork. These advertisers are fully customizable upon order and perfect for special events or every day use.

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