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Social Distancing Floor Signs with Removable Vinyl Design for Seasonal Use

Pre-Printed Social Distancing Floor Stickers and Safety Signage

Does your business need a clear way to maintain a healthy, preventative distance between customers in check-out lines or during curb-side order pick-up? Our social distancing floor signs are a clear way to delineate personal boundaries and create physical space between customers in busy environments such as grocery stores, banks, shopping centers, and other essential locations. Social Distancing Floor Signs Protect Personal Space By creating personal space in high-traffic social environments, businesses can limit the spread of germs, viruses, harmful bacteria, or other contaminants, especially for seasonal illnesses. Pre-printed social distancing floor signs clearly mark safe distances in public spaces, allowing customers to shop, and cash out without the need to interact closely with others. We have designed these signs with a removeable vinyl material, making them durable in busy locations and leaving no residue on the floor when done. Use indoor or outdoor social distancing floor signs to mediate regular checkout lines, in-store pickup locations, or curb-side loading stations.

    What kinds of physical space floor stickers do we offer?
  • 24" x 24" indoor removable vinyl signage is a great way to organize lines at check-out and direct customers to avoid congested areas due to foot traffic. Social distancing floor signs should be strategically placed 6-feet apart for best practice.
  • 2" x 24" graphics take up a smaller physical space while still delivering vital messaging with a clear indication on where customers should stand. Smaller retail locations should take advantage of these social distancing signs, especially in self-checkout lines where customers may only be approaching with limited items or a handbasket.
  • 36" round removable curbside stickers inform drivers on where to park their car and deliver key messaging, reminding them to remain inside the vehicle while they are assisted by staff. Maintaining a safe personal space is relevant both indoors and outdoors, so a curbside social distancing sign serves as a great reminder to employees and customers alike.

Displays2go is committed to equipping businesses with the tools, equipment, and signage they need to maintain a productive, healthy work environment. Our social distancing signs are a great place to start informing customers of new guidelines to stop the spread of contagious germs. Vinyl signage is removable, easy to clean, and retains it's vibrant colors and easy-to-read messaging through daily use.

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