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Banner Hanging Hardware Kits for Indoor and Outdoor Promotional Pennants

Indoor & Outdoor Wall Mounted Banner Kits for Business & Events

Are you looking for mounting fixtures that exemplify style and class whilst securely holding your promotional or wayfinding flags outside of your business? Our banner hanging hardware kits help present your promotional flags or wayfinding pennants both inside or out while maintaining a professional aesthetic. Choose from a selection of style options ranging from basic, aforable pieces with mounting brackets and fiberglass poles to premium options includng tension-adjustable metal. Great for any public space, these banner hanging hardware kits are most often utilized in township community centers, university campuses, stadiums, and shopping centers to highlight key attractions or services in the area. Each pennant mounting system embraces the duality of form versus function, oasting a healthy mix of durability and aesthetic style that will be sure to compliment existing archetectural designs. Take advantage of high-visibility custom graphics to welcome home-team fans at your local stadium, to greet guests visiting Main street of your town, or even as a great way to quickly direct new students across campus.

What Styles of Pennant Mounting Brackets Do We Offer?
  • Our standard banner hanging kits feature 4" x 6" wall-mounted brackets as well as two 1" diameter x 19" long (up to 37" long) fiberglass poles to secure your graphic. Be sure to measure the size of your banner first, or keep it in place while securing the brackets to any wall in order to keep your promotional material taut and presentable at all times.
  • Finial pole banner hanging kits are end capped by a steel 1/2 ball to reduce the risk of promotional graphics sliding off. Powder coated, and designed with a carbon steel material, each rod measures between 18" and 36" to suit your business' needs. A 6" by 6" base provides ample surface area to support large-scale displays.
  • Trapeze banner hanging kits, also known as wall mounted sign hardware, feature a primary and secondary pole measuring 3" ad 2" in diameter respectfully. Each fixture mounts securely with a 6" x 6" bracket and includes a 2" x 1/2" finial at the end of each pole. This trapeze option is held together by tension and adjustale rods which allow for graphics to be swapped out regularly, or as needs dictate.

Each banner hanging kit, or pennant wall mount system, is designed for indoor or outdoor use, featuring a weatherproof coating that will help each fixture maintain its appeal through many seasons. The quality of your mounting hardware is equally as important as the quality of your graphics. Each of these mounted banner hanging kits is designed to accomodate any of our outdoor-rated hanging banners, which are tear-resistant and made with weatherproof vinyl. Work closely with our in-house design team to create custom graphics that truly represent the heart and soul of your business, and then proudly present them with these mounts! Displays2go is dedicated to helping companies nationwide present their brand in the most eye-catching, professional light possible, and there is no better place to start than with an outdoor hanging banner system.

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