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Backlit Sign Displays - Floorstanding, Outdoor, Wall Mounted & More

Light boxes for movie posters and other marketing materials are one of the coolest ways to present your ads. The LED illuminated fixtures feature lighted panels that hold graphics within a thin, edge-lit frame. Soft, yet powerful lighting creates a dramatic and inviting effect designed to draw attention to the contents showcased within. Why use one of these backlit displays anyway? Movie theaters are known for using movie poster light boxes both indoors & outdoors to present upcoming films. When placed in a waiting room or retail store, a hanging or wall mounted back or edge-lit display can bring serious attention to your new or featured products. Light Boxes for Movie Posters & Advertisements

Promotional graphics will definitely be noticed by your customers in these illuminated displays. These light boxes are intended for commercial use by businesses and companies that want to add the element of light to everyday marketing and advertising signage. Many corporations spend thousands of dollars on print advertisements when they don’t have to. Turn ordinary signage into eye-catching backlit marketing tools with one of our sleek and slim profile framed light boxes! When placed outdoors, these exterior rated displays will make passersby stop and take in your movie poster or advertisement. Illuminated LED panels, light boxes are available in many sizes and thin profile styles. This is an innovative line that features backlit & edge lit lighting with sturdy acrylic or metal construction. A lighted display box will add life to otherwise normal fixtures giving prints, photos or translucent graphics the ability to stand out!

The best features of our backlit poster displays?
  • Slim Profile Back/Edge Lit Frames - Some of the units offered here feature a profile of less than an inch, perfect for modern environments
  • Outdoor Light Boxes - These options are exterior rated and weather resistant
  • Large Backlit Frames - These displays are priced affordably, sized to see from afar, and are easy to use
  • Transparent LCD Retail Displays - Powerful and innovative units with the most cutting-edge technology for countertop or floorstanding use
  • Hanging Backlit Displays - The best choice for creating dynamic window showcases

Large Format Light Boxes

We offer illuminated poster holders for various uses including menu systems, POP signs and directories. To fit every budget, we’ve included ultra-thin light boxes and custom backlit translucent posters at competitive pricing. Looking to display branded messaging? Have custom graphics and posters printed here! Need to fully round out the showcase fixtures in your store? In addition to these illuminated displays, we carry a huge selection of retail, trade show and point of purchase arrangements. Displays2go features thousands of products that are in-stock and ready to ship.

Who uses illuminated LED light boxes?
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Restaurants & Pubs
  • Movie Theaters
  • Casinos, Entertainment Venues & More

Most of these units utilize LED, (light emitting diode) technology as the primary light source but we also offer traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures. Do you have any questions or comments? Check out our Light Box Comparison Guide that lists the different options so that you can make an educated selection!

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