Maple Melamine Wrap-Around Store Configurations

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Fully Configured Maple Display Wraps & Cases

Are you trying to start a business and need to find some store counters for sale? Is your budget becoming a problem? Well, we have the solution! These store counters for sale are an affordable way to outfit your retail locations. With retail displays such as these fixtures, shoppers can save time and money! These store counters for sale are offered at an 8% discount so you don't have to break your budget when you're outfitting your retail location. Retail furniture fixtures connect customers with employees. With display showcases like these store counters for sale, customers can come up to ask questions, peruse objects, and make purchases. Customers will be able to browse merchandise without feeling pressured, but at the same time, they can quickly ask questions as they arise. Retailers can also use store counters for sale, retail fixtures, and other furniture merchandise to provide additional places for impulse-buy objects. By placing products near areas where patrons will be checking out, they are more likely to buy those goods on a whim. These store counters for sale feature a neutral maple finish that will either match or complement other furniture pieces on the sales floor. The pre-configured units shown here are shipped all together, however some components are assembled and others require complete production. The store counters for sale, such as those seen above, come with a complete set of detailed instructions, and can be assembled with one person. An additional assistant is recommended for some of the larger units. The dimensions for these store counters for sale are all listed on the respective product pages. Shoppers should measure their intended sales floor area prior to making any final decisions to insure that these pre-configured retail fixtures will fit.

This store counter for sale consists of low-pressure maple melamine panels and tempered glass. These wood components are very rugged and can withstand many years of normal wear and tear from a busy location. This store counter for sale features tempered glass shelves, top and front panels. Tempered glass is safer than standard (annealed) glass, which is what most other glass fixtures and display showcases are made of. This store counter for sale also features melamine sliding doors for simple access to objects. Typically the doors for all of the retail fixtures face inward toward the employee area to control access to the displayed objects. However, this store counter for sale can be reconfigured to suit the need at hand. The individual fixtures can all be lined up in a straight line against a wall, or any other combination that is allowed with the space provided.

Store display case configurations also help employees deal with customers. The open interior gives employees plenty of room to operate. Merchandise is only accessible from the back, so employees can take out one item at a time. This takes some accountability off of these cashiers' shoulders so they can worry less about theft of valuable items.

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