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Metal Sign Frames - Tabletop and Wall Mount Promotional Graphic Enclosures

Metal Poster Frames for Signs, Photographs & Advertisements

Looking for a sleek way to display signage or photographs? Metal sign frames are great for showcasing prints in both residential and commercial environments. In homes, the affordable picture holders provide an elegant display for photos or other graphics. In stores and business settings, these metal sign frames are a sleek and effective way to present posters, notices, or other advertising signage. Our easy-to-use aluminum print holders are available in the common sizes of 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”, and come in a variety of designs. Metal sign frames are available for countertops and can be wall mounted as well. Choose from economical and upscale designs — we have an option for any setting.

What types of tabletop and wall mounting aluminum poster frames are available? Metal poster frames have a simple swing-door design
  • Metal sign frames in a standard countertop-style are offered in a neutral silver or black finish. These affordable picture holders are an economical option for displaying photos, certificates, printed menu items, and more. The neutral shades make it possible for the signage holders to fit in any setting. Some aluminum artwork enclosures also feature a matboard that gives your prints a more upscale appearance.
  • Poster holders with a swinging door come in many finishes as well. These enclosures are great for commercial settings that require frequent signage changes. Establishments like restaurants and retail stores often swap out menus and sales weekly, so having a holder that makes it simple to update signage is important. Movie theaters and real estate agencies also use these enclosures for updating graphics.
  • Frameless picture holders with adhesive bottoms are used in businesses, trade shows, and expo events. Designed for placement on tables or countertops, these sleek ad enclosures help display small advertisements and signage. With their adhesive bases, users won’t have to worry about their display getting knocked over, so their message will always be seen.

These aluminum picture holders, offered in both economical and upscale models, have a range of features that will satisfy any display needs. From stationary holders to swinging door options, the polished and satin finish black and silver frames have a classy and upscale look. Looking for other framing options? Wood poster frames with traditional and swing-open frames are another choice for outfitting some of your favorite pictures or displaying advertisements. Shop online at Displays2go for your framing needs.

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