Lightbox Stands Hold Menus, Advertising Posters, or Wayfinding Info

Lightbox Stands for Illuminating Menus & Information

These lightbox stands are a great way to capture the attention of potential or existing customers. There are several sizes and designs offered here that will help to increase a restaurants or bars menu exposure. Buy these lightbox stands to use in your retail store to advertise new merchandise. The uses for these illuminated pedestals are practically endless. These lightbox stands are also optimal for advertising clearance events or upcoming promotions. The height and illumination of these poster displays make them hard to overlook for passersby. A bank could use these lightbox stands or LED signs to showcase current interest rates or to display information on new or popular checking, savings, or IRA accounts. The most common use for these illuminated fixtures is in a restaurant. Lightbox stands are great for restaurants to offer a sample menu so patrons can begin to decide their meal preference while waiting for a table. Often times passersby like to know what type of food and pricing is offered at a particular dining facility prior to committing. So, can these lightbox stands be placed outside? Yes, there are exterior rated menu pedestals offered here that are suitable for use outdoors in fair weather conditions. By having these lightbox stands outside and light-up, passersby will be more likely to come in and experience the cuisine at your facility. Other edgelit units offered here are specifically intended for indoor use, however can still be just as effective when placed strategically at the front of the institution. Buy one of each of these lightbox stands for increased exposure and promotional value.

LED lights make these signs glow brilliantly. Use this lightbox stand to peak the interest of your patrons. Although any single-sided message will work, semi-transparent material, such as DuraTrans will give users the most brilliant signs. This lightbox stand is an economical alternative to neon signs, as well. Place advertisements and other signs in this illuminated poster display to capture the attention of curious onlookers. This lightbox stand will work almost anywhere, but is commonly seen in a lobby or showroom. This light-up poster display adds a modern element of design to traditional marketing and advertising techniques.

An illuminated sign display, lightbox stand is an eye-catching retail fixture. The human eye is inherently attracted to light, making this sign pedestal a valuable marketing tool for any retailer or restaurateur. Whether shoppers purchase this lightbox stand for a retail store or restaurant both will reap the benefits. We offer illuminated floor poster fixtures in a variety of styles. There is an adjustable lightbox stand, also known as an illuminated sign display, offered here that will provide numerous display options and can be adjusted to suit the height of multiple retail displays. This acrylic light panel sign frame is a highly effective marketing tool that doesn't take away from the surrounding business environment. This acrylic lightbox stand is always crafted from crystal clear acrylic and provides some of the most vivid and illuminated signs.

    What lighting source is used on these lightbox stands?
  • All of these sign display feature an illuminated frame that is great for use with a menu or promotional signage.
  • These lightbox stands all feature LED lighting that is long lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Place these LED menu displays in the entryway to a restaurant or bar to feature drink special or season specials.
    How much assembly is associated with these lightbox stands?
  • All of these illuminated poster pedestals ship unassembled to minimize freight costs.
  • All of these lightbox stands can be put together by one person in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Some additional basic tools may be required to assemble these light-up menu displays.

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