Wood Display Cases - Real & Manufactured

Wood Display Cases Come in Wall Mount & Floor Standing Units

Wood Curio CabinetAre you looking for a wood display case that can hold a large amount of collectibles? This selection of glass & wooden cabinets is both diverse and affordable. Use this showcase to display a collection of fine china or your family heirlooms. These cabinets with locks are not strictly designed for residential use though. Place these wooden display cases in a business lobby to exhibit awards, accolades or other precious merchandise of interest. Choose from a large selection of finishes as well as sizes from the categories above. There is a wood display case for sale here to satisfy most any need. Many of these china cabinets also have adjustable shelves to help a user create a perfectly customized piece of furniture. Use these cheap cabinets to control access to the valuable contents within. Likewise, these cases can be used to protect the merchandise on display from curious children or over-excited house pets. Regardless of the setting, these glass and wooden showcases will add a touch of class to any room.

Wide Curio Collectibles CaseWe are proud to offer the Howard Miller wood showcase line with locks as part of this diverse selection of cases. The Howard Miller name reflects incomparable workmanship, quality, and longevity of products. Each wood showcase features a locking door to maintain access to the contents. Additionally, the majority of these wooden furniture pieces feature top lighting. Interior lighting will allow users to exhibit collectibles even in dimly lit rooms. Another advantageous feature of many of these glass cabinets is the mirror back or deck. The mirrored panels help to further accent the contents, and give an appearance of an even larger cabinet.

For shoppers looking for wall mount wooden display cases, there is a wide range of choices for sale here. The smaller wooden cabinets are typically used to display small valuables such as fine china or figurines and feature the same quality materials as used on their floor standing counterparts. Outfit an entire room with a glass wall cabinet & floor standing fixture.

Is there any benefit to using manufactured wood showcases?
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight & less expensive than real wood.
What type of cleaning products should be used on real wood showcases?
  • Regular furniture polish can be used on the wood surfaces of these displays.
  • The doors should be cleaned with household glass cleaner.
  • Be sure to read the specific product page description for any limitations for each of these display cabinets.

Along with these display cases there are several other lines of objects offered here! Also available is a wide variety of other merchandising themes available including retail counters, glass display cases, poster frames, and much more. This company has been producing and supplying point of sale displays for over forty five years. What began as a one person business making basic acrylic displays out of a garage is now one of the nation's leading suppliers of thousands of different types of fixtures. In the beginning, as the number of orders began to increase steadily; a physical warehouse was bought, additional employees were hired, and the phones haven't stopped ringing since. With the dawning of the internet era, the owners of this company developed this website, and began dramatically expanding the lines of objects to include a diverse selection of displays. Now, with a rock-solid foundation we continue to grow and adapt with the changes in demand and technology. With the current economic crisis in the United States; now more than ever shoppers are looking for the best prices available without having to sacrifice quality. We acknowledge this fact and feature a complete selection of sale and overstock merchandise that are updated daily. The standard shipping policy here is such that; most in stock merchandise processed before 3PM EST ship the same day. For orders received after the 3PM cutoff, the in stock objects are shipped the following business day. Some exceptions may apply with custom printed artwork or large build-to-order displays. With more than 7,000 display products available, this company can satisfy a wide array of customer needs from several different lines of objects.

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