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Large Curio Cabinets Are 43"W & Up

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Wide Curio Cabinets w/ Adjustable Shelves

These large curio cabinets are over 42" wide and 75"high, to hold a great amount of merchandise. These wooden showcases look stunning in a home, or office. Do these large curio cabinets need to be assembled prior to use? All of the wooden tower cases shown here are shipped fully assembled, with the exception of installing the glass shelves at the desired heights. These large curio cabinets, also known as china cabinets, are ideal for those with a big collection of trophies, souvenirs, trinkets, or other collectibles to display. Many of these wood displays feature five or more shelves to exhibit a huge amount of memorabilia. Each of these large curio cabinets features canopy lights to add a dramatic lighting effect to the displayed merchandise. There is a control switch on the back of the unit to turn the lights on and off. The large curio cabinets featured above all have floor levelers. These leveling devices adjust up and down to compensate for uneven flooring or plush carpeting. The glass used on these large curio cabinets is all tempered. This safety glass, when broken, results in small rounded edge pieces rather than large sharp pieces as is true with standard plate glass. These large curio cabinets are exceptionally safe, and can be placed in areas of high foot traffic without having to worry about accidents. The shelves on these glass tower showcases feature plate grooves that allow fine china or other collectible dishes to be propped up at a better viewing angle. Use these large curio cabinets to display an entire set of family heirloom dinnerware. As with the outer casing, the shelving is also made with tempered glass.

This china cabinet is the perfect large curio cabinet for families looking to display important or sentimental merchandise. They are big enough to hold several generations' worth of valuables. This wood show case, glass tower, and other large curio cabinet fixtures feature many advantageous components. One particularly important feature is the locking door. Whether it's being placed in home or public area; users can take comfort in knowing that their collectibles are safe and secure. This large curio cabinet that locks also keeps curious children and other onlookers from handling the contents without permission. Yet another "hidden" feature of many of these wooden display cases is the fact that they ship out fully assembled in two business days. This large curio cabinet is a bargain that can't be matched by any other competitor online.

Many of the wooden display cases offered here are from the Howard Miller Company. The corporation began their legacy hand-crafting grandfather clocks in 1926. The business moved onto different styles of clocks, and in 1989 began designing and creating floor-standing and wall mount curio cabinets. The Howard Miller wooden displays we provide are sourced directly from the company, to ensure our customers of the quality product they are receiving. We are an authorized dealer, and take pride in providing this quality product line to our customers.

Displays2go has been in business for over 40 years. We provide wooden display cases to both retailers and end consumers all over the United States and in other parts of the world. Our tower showcases, glass cases are made from the highest quality materials and stand up to years and years of use. We offer residential fixtures in many other sizes and styles including wall mount. Here shoppers will find a huge selection of retail display showcases in both floor-standing and wall mount styles. Thank you for shopping with us, and we look forward to serving you again in the near future!

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