Extra Large Poster Frames | Framing that Measures 36" x 37" & Up

Poster Framing for Extra Large Format Graphics

These extra large poster frames are great marketing tools for advertising indoors! These wall-mounted picture holders, huge format displays are made up of (2) 79" extrusions, and feature metal framing for prints in combination with magazine pockets. Is there any type of lens included with these extra large poster frames? Each unit features clear, plastic lenses to protect signs and keep them securely in place. These huge format photo displays, also known as advertising systems, are optimal to mount in stores, lobbies and foyers. When floor space is inadequate, these displays are the ideal solution! Travel agents like to use these extra large poster frames to display the newest cruise ship, or to entice clients with a huge picture of a Hawaiian beach. Regardless of the displayed photo or sign; these metal picture holders will surely leave a lasting impression on any viewer.

These extra large poster frames, such as many of the other wall-mounting photo and sign holders shown here will have a positive impact on the success of your advertisements. There are also combination, picture holder and magazine pocket fixtures available that enable users to use the marketing power of an attractive image along with a space for brochures and other promotional take-away merchandise. Upscale boutiques like to mount these extra large poster frames and pocket fixtures to advertise current sales events, and offer a flyer for customers to take home as a reminder. Likewise; travel agents and car dealerships are a couple of the other common buyers of these huge picture displays. Feature a new car model, or a maiden voyage of the latest cruise ship with one of these extra large poster frames, and then offer informational literature within the same fixture. By having both a sign and a spot for pamphlets all in one display, this helps to save on floor and wall space, and keep clutter to a minimum. There are various sizes and configurations available with these extra large poster frames, including two photo frames and one pocket, or one picture frame with two pockets. The position of the picture and pocket(s) can be interchanged to suit the needs of the user.

These extra large poster frames are constructed from brushed aluminum and has a sleek, silver finish for a modern appeal. The wall mount picture holders featured here will not rust when used indoors. These extra large poster frames are also quite versatile! Customers can choose to hang these movie print displays portrait or landscape depending on the allotted space. To create a real exciting marketing display; mount these extra large poster frames to the ceiling. These metal picture cases are a great alternative to the standard cheap plastic wall frames typically used by retail stores, and other businesses. Car dealerships can use these extra large poster frames to display the newest car model, or sales event. There are pivoting pins included with these photo displays to quickly attach to any wall or partition. Please note that the necessary hardware required to mount these extra large poster frames is not included. All that is needed are some standard screws and anchors that can be purchased at any hardware or department store. Use these displays to showcase huge advertisements, movie posters, or simply as an beautiful backdrop to any room.

Does this extra large poster frame have to be mounted vertically?
  • Vertical mounting is just one of the many display possibilities with these huge metal frames.
  • This extra large poster frame can also be hung horizontally, at an angle, or even mounted to the overhead.
  • For more details on mounting these sign holders, contact a customer service specialist.
How much work is involved with mounting this extra large poster frame?
  • Typically one person can assemble and mount these print holders to the wall.
  • With some of the sign holders that also feature brochure pockets, an assistant is very helpful.
  • A complete set of detailed instructions are sent with every unit, and there are always experts available to help over the phone.

This uniquely curved unit, aluminum photo framing display will help get advertising pictures noticed! These print holders are constructed from aluminum, and are finished with a neutral silver coat. The metal framing will withstand everyday wear and tear from indoor use, while the silver finish will remain beautiful. Every poster frame shown here is provided with clear plastic lenses to protect the displayed prints and keep them in place. These metal photo holders are exceptionally versatile curved wave panels! Mount the poster frame either horizontally or vertically depending on available space. In addition to this generous selection of metal picture displays there is a coordinating assortment of vinyl banners that are offered with custom printing. Customers supply the artwork for the poster frame. These curved metal holders are a unique way to display a movie print, or other advertisements. Use a wavy poster frame as a unique alternative to the standard cheap metal picture frames.

There are metal pivoting pins supplied with the aluminum framing to help simplify the installation process. Customers will need to provide the proper wall screws or anchors for this poster frame to hang on specific wall types. Curved wave panels are also available with plastic literature holder attachments! These curved wave fixtures combine the use of a poster frame with a brochure holder to create a very powerful marketing tool. Maximize the use of precious wall space with these aluminum wave photo framing units. Use these metal photo holders to display an upcoming movie print, and also utilize the magazine holder to offer take-home reading materials. The pockets on the metal wave poster frame are not cheap plastic, rather thick acrylic with a green tint to mimic the look of glass. These acrylic pockets are able to hold a generous amount of literature, and have slight tilt capabilities. There are detailed instructions included with each curved metal objects.

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