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Clothing Display Racks - Heavy Duty Clothing Fixtures

Store Clothing RacksThese apparel and garment racks, made from polished chrome, are an optimal way to furnish your stores while saving space and optimizing retail sales. Create more floor area for additional lines or foot traffic with these options. The garment displays are great for any budget. Many of these free standing clothes racks really stand out from other style fixtures with waterfall and cascading designs. Place them in the middle of the shop or in the window! The heavy duty garment racks are intended to make any environment look upscale. Users can attract the customers they want with these units. The economy chrome clothing rack series tie class and savings together. With adjustable heights, you can display both longer or shorter length garments.Use them to make effective T-shirt racks. Many clothing displays come with casters so they can seasonally be moved to different locations throughout any store.

Retail Clothing RacksRolling garment racks make it simple to rearrange any store layout. Many popular shopping destinations use a clothing stand similar to the ones offered on this site. With many rolling models, users can easily rearrange stores and move clearance or sale items around to new locations. Having an outdoor clearance sale? Roll store racks for garments out to the front of the store and display merchandise during operational hours. Easily wheel them back inside when it's time for the store to close. Save time on daily operations with mobile clothes stands.

Store Garment RacksCommercial racks can also be used at home for extra storage space! Maneuver clothes in the bedroom or living room so they stay out of the way, providing extra space for everyday activities. Having a tag sale? These racks are an affordable way to manage clothes without laying them out on tables or stuffing them onto bins. The most presentable way to showcase shirts and pants is by hanging them, don't miss out on sales because of poor aesthetic presentation.

What businesses use these commercial garment racks?

  • Department stores use these free standing display racks to manage large quantities of inventory. With wheels for portability store management becomes much easier.
  • Laundromat owners use rolling racks for hanging clothes to dry.
  • Retail shops use clothing racks for clearance sales and items like purses and handbags. Easily relocate overstock items towards the back of the store.

Retail racks can be used in a variety of different stores. The commercial garment displays are universally applicable. Our selection is widely used in department stores, shopping malls, outlets, boutiques, and multiple other retail shops. Straight arm or waterfall, two arms or four, on casters or stand alone are some of the design options we carry. Displays2go is your one-stop shop for retail merchandising solutions and point of sale display ideas.

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