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Literature Display Stand

Literature display stands, sometimes called floor standing brochure racks, are helpful tools that will complete any common area. Waiting rooms and lobbies are some of the most popular locations to distribute literature. When placed in high prominence areas, the literature display stands give printed information and publications added weight. Really any environment that gets a large volume of visitors can benefit from a tiered brochure holder or magazine rack. Why choose these retail literature display stands? These magazine and flyer holders feature more capacity than competitive models. Some can even hold various types of printed literature at one time. From brochures and pamphlets to magazines and catalogs, the literature displays are sure to deliver. Each design is exceptionally durable. Choose a periodical rack that is wood, metal, MDF, or plastic. Many finishes are available including, oak and mahogany. There are also black and gray finishes, so coordinating with your existing decor has never been easier.

How are these floor standing brochure racks different from the rest of the selections?
  • Versatility makes these literature display stands unique. Most of the designs in this category feature adjustability of some sort. In most cases, the literature pockets can be changed to fit different sized publications.
  • Dual-purpose display systems are great for those that have a great deal of different sized literature to present at the same time. The divided pockets enable users to choose which size reading materials will go in each compartment. This way, creating exciting and organized presentations is simple.
  • There are even wide-format models with pockets that fit larger periodicals. Newspapers and daily papers are easily accommodated. Tabloids are often displayed in these newsprint holders as well. There is a solution for every business, no matter what kind of reading materials need to be presented.
Floor Standing Brochure Rack

Several different literature display holders and floor standing brochure racks make up the full selection. One of the main distinctions between each model is the number of pockets included. Every stand within this category features a multi-pocket configuration, but some are actually modular and can be used in different ways. For example, there is a brochure stand that changes from 24 smaller wire pockets to 12 larger slots. This way, magazines and catalogs can also be displayed. Simple wire hooks are easily removed when changes need to be made. Other flyer racks feature adjustable acrylic pockets that are reconfigured using the provided removable pegs. With so many great choices, it is easy for buyers to locate the model that best suits a particular advertising or merchandising campaign.

What materials are used to manufacture these literature floor stands?
  • Metal, specifically steel, is one of the strongest substrates used to make the holders. The rugged construction offers long-lasting dependability no matter where the publication display racks are set up. Customers can choose from silver, charcoal, and black finishes for these units.
  • MDF is another high quality material used for constructing these floor standing brochure racks. MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard, which is essentially a wood composite material. The MDF provides exceptional reliability but is not as portable as some of the other options.
  • Hard plastic is used to make a couple of the other designs. These units are not as durable yet offer a great price break for those with limited budgets. If you have a restricted budget and your establishment has a medium amount of foot traffic, these models are perfect.
Free Standing Pamphlet Displays

Most of these literature holders are designed in a way that ensures publications are easily accessed. Bystanders and passersby instantly notice the prominent fixtures while taking note of all the available selections in one glance. In addition, most of the racks have a slanted design that keeps magazines and other information at the forefront of any display. Tiered or slanted pockets make it simple to grab the literature. The highly functional design is just another of the many reasons these stands for displaying literature work so well in tons of different locations. Hospitality businesses, including hotels and resorts, are ideal applications for the holders. Here, they can be used to pass out free information regarding local attractions, events, and points of interest. Visitors' centers often use the racks for the same purpose. Retail stores and restaurants can also take advantage of the highly visible floor-standing fixtures to detail new offerings, goods, services, and more.

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