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Slanted Sign Holders - High Visibility Angled Tabletop Picture Frames

Slant Back Acrylic Signage Frames for Tabletop Promotions and Photographs

Are you looking for a highly visible, affordable frame to outfit the checkout lines or reception desks at your retail store, restaurant, or office? Our slanted sign holders provide both affordability and style in customer-facing environments, and are available with bulk pricing ideal to equip large-scale operations. Browse a large selection including models with business card and brochure pockets to increase brand recognition with take-away literature. These clear acrylic slanted sign holders include upscale frames with polished edges as well as economy options with unfinished edges for when your custom graphic can speak for itself. Many of our customers use these signage frames on bar countertops to promote seasonal drink specials, on the checkout counter to convey a unified advertisement campaign, and in busy public offices to inform customers of products and services. Choose any of these personalized slanted sign holders within our “The Workshop” series to add custom printed graphics to the front plate, increasing brand awareness. Take advantage of bulk pricing options to place countertop signage throughout your store, maximizing visibility and driving your organization’s promotional efforts home.

What makes slant back signage holders so versatile for business use?

Angled Acrylic Sign Frame

  • Affordable slanted frames and discount picture frames are great for photos, countertop displays, restaurant menus, bank information, and hotel reservation prices or information. Most of the sign holders in this collection feature a foldover flap on the back that allows for swift signage updates, perfect for daily graphic swaps or seasonal sales. Most commonly, our customers purchase many of these frames at once, taking advantage of discounted rates to stock multi-store franchises, equip each restaurant table, or share advertisements by every cash register.
  • There are a few models that come with unique hardware, such as binding screws or standoffs, that hold two individual panels together. The hardware is engineered to keep a tight fit on the inserted graphics, yet allows the user to easily remove and change the promotional ads, artwork, or other prints. Our customers use these sign holders for a more industrial look that protects valuable promotional material.
  • Many models include glare-resistant plastic panels with clear frames to reduce light reflecting while displayed at an angle. This way, the sign holder is always pointed upward towards the reader's eyes. The slant back of each display makes sure that customers and potential clients don't miss a word of your advertisement. Why waste time and money on a display frame that isn't visible or doesn't fully capture the attention of the view?

Keep your information, promotional prints, or personal pictures in the sightlines of your audience at all times with an angled acrylic frame. Our single panel acrylic discount graphic holders are great solutions for displaying a photo, pricing, or hotel information. As a manufacturer we not only have the ability to fulfill orders for fixtures with custom dimensions, but also we can add your slogan, company logo, or product name to your display making a truly unique promotional fixture! Place these angled advertisement stands anywhere you'd like to remind customers of limited-time sales, event news, or local happenings. We carry a plethora of countertop promotional signage frames with T-base, multipanel, and mat designs among many others. Shop Displays2go for everything you need to promote your marketing in style and increase brand recognition.

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