Outdoor Sign Holders - Weatherproof Wall Mount Displays

Waterproof Sign Holders for Outdoor Advertising

Locking outdoor poster frame

Looking to feature promotional posters outside your building? These outdoor sign holders feature a weather resistant design for protecting prints while bringing in traffic. Whether you're advertising your merchandise, promoting your menu or detailing your services, our waterproof frames are the perfect solution. Need to attract new customers? Use outdoor sign holders with prominent advertisements to catch the attention of passersby and increase business. In addition, these displays can keep regular patrons updated on specials, new merchandise, sales events and much more. Our selection of outdoor sign holders includes styles and sizes designed for any business seeking a sturdy exterior display.

What makes these waterproof signage frames a great choice for any company?
  • Our outdoor sign holders are made of strong materials for long term exterior use. Each unit has a durable aluminum construction and rubber gasket that keeps out moisture to keep your poster in pristine condition. In addition, all of our signage fixtures include a clear lens that protects advertisements from water, dust and fingerprints. This faceplate is made of clear polycarbonate, a safer material than plate glass.
  • Want a certain look to go with your promotional material? Our catalog includes banner mounts with neutral silver and black finishes to go with any décor. Choose from light or dark framing to match or contrast your advertising.
  • We offer exterior sign holders in a number of sizes to accommodate any of your prints. Our fixtures are available in classic measurements such as 11x17, 18x24, 22x28, 24x36 and 36x48. However, we also sell larger signage mounts that can hold large 8' x 4' prints for high visibility advertisements. These huge enclosures can be cut to any size up to 50' x 50' to cover any area.
  • While all of our sign holders for outside use have an enclosed display, many also include a locking mechanism to keep your graphics safe from tampering as well as the elements. Our framing features both single and double-locking designs and always includes keys for secure access.
  • Our weatherproof graphic wall mounts are made for convenience. Each unit comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. Additionally, these signage holders can be placed either vertically or horizontally.
Outdoor menu sign holder What styles of weatherproof advertising mounts are available?

Our catalog of displays features two different options — swing open and snap open. Models with a swing open door give you easy access, using arms that keep the fixture open while changing posters. This style employs plastic clips to secure graphics and create a clean, professional presentation. Snap open frames use rolling edges to hold images in place. This style usually features a thinner profile for a sleek appearance and most lock with a hex key. Both styles allow you to conveniently replace ads without removing the fixture from the wall.

Our catalog has thousands of great displays with quick shipping and wholesale pricing to help your business thrive. Get the promotional tools you need from Displays2go on time and in your budget!

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