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Acrylic Literature Stands | Clear Floor Sign Holders

Acrylic Literature Stands with Sign Frames for Lobby Use

Acrylic Literature Stand

Acrylic literature stands, especially those that are clear in design, are some of the best retail display fixtures for businesses. The floor sign holders with brochure pockets also include graphic frames, which make the displays great for use in guest and visitor centers, as well. What types of acrylic literature stands are available? Buyers can choose a clear display that features pockets sized for magazines or pamphlets. In addition, there are models that will accommodate more than one type of printed media. There are even double-sided acrylic literature stands, sometimes call bi-directional floor sign holders, that face both directions. This way, users can easily capture the attention of potential customers and casual bystanders at the same time. These practical literature display stands feature a transparent design that not only blends in with any environment but also does not distract from the displayed publications, flyers, and brochures. The literature holders can be ordered with single and dual post bases, so business owners and managers are able to create the most effective sales presentations.

What are the different styles of floor sign holders that are available?
  • There are all kinds of unique acrylic literature stands for sale in this category.
  • One of the main style differences has to do with the configuration of the base. There are both single and dual post designs, each of which offers its own aesthetic value. No matter what model is selected, the stands are sure to stay stabilized even in high traffic areas while looking great.
  • Another notable characteristic that separates each acrylic pamphlet holder is the pocket assembly. Each display stand has different pockets, which may include either standard slots or compartments with adjustable widths. Pockets that come with dividers can be changed to accommodate either 4" wide or 8-1/2" information. Many people choose these types when they are unsure which literature width will need to be displayed.
  • Perhaps one of the most important facets to consider with these sign stands is the sized of the framing. Some of the frames are designed to fit 11" x 17" and smaller graphics while others can fit posters up to 22" x 28".
Floor Sign Holders Where could these floor standing brochure racks be used most effectively?
  • Rest areas and visitor centers are great places for these transparent signage displays. Many rest stop attendants put out literature as well as advertisements featuring local attractions and upcoming events, so travelers are well informed about the community they are visiting. The clear construction is non-obtrusive and blends seamlessly with these types of settings.
  • Doctors' offices frequently advertise the latest medications and treatment options. Really any healthcare industry location can effectively promote patient resources in this way. Dental arts groups often highlight new procedures with a large graphic while keeping detailed tri-fold pamphlets down below.
  • Colleges and universities often use these brochure display stands with sign frames to attract prospective students. Educational institutions are always adding new majors and changing programs, and these literature pocket stands serve as a great platform for distributing that information.

Acrylic manufacturing has been at the center of our business since its inception in 1974. Forming and bending plastic is a process that is used to make a sizable part of our product line, including not just these clear floor stands but also countertop brochure holders, slatwall merchandising bins, and even ballot boxes. With so much experience in the field and on-site production facilities, customers know where to go for the best clear plastic display fixtures. All the acrylic is either bent or glued with a strong bonding agent for long-lasting durability and aesthetic value. Because the literature display holders with graphic frames are used in fast-paced settings so often, it is extremely important that they are stable and will endure extended use.

Marketers and advertising agencies tend to shell out a lot of their budgets on publications and promotional reading materials. With that in mind, you'd be surprised at the number of people that think they also have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on displays. These acrylic stands are made right here, which makes it much easier for us to reduce cost. That savings is then passed on the customers, so buyers don't have to waste their precious advertising dollars on overly expensive display stands. Rather, they can spend much less by purchasing our wholesale selections. That's right, wholesale pricing is available for most every product so the more you buy, the more you save. The cost per unit is significantly reduced when ordering in bulk, so consider making a large batch purchase if you think you will be coming back for more at a later time. Get low-cost literature distribution and advertising solutions right here, so you can put money into the signage and printed reading materials. Why sacrifice quality for a lower price where there is no need? Make sure your business is as professional as ever with these see-through sign stands.

Acrylic Sign Stands with Literature Pockets

The plastic floor displays are just some of the many options available from Displays2Go. The online inventory features a huge assortment of acrylic literature, magazine, and poster holders! Look at single and multi-pocket designs for a model that suits your specific needs. With a literature rack or magazine display, you can make all your reading materials visible and accessible to clients. Our clear acrylic and plastic products allow for the most exposure of your marketing pamphlets, catalogs, magazines, and flyers. The attractive accent that each sign stand offers is simply a bonus to the lasting durability and functionality. Add a sign frame stand with a magazine or brochure pocket today to increase your business' scope, style, and accessibility. If getting your business more recognition is a priority we have thousands of product displays to help you. Our product line covers everything from lecterns and hostess stations to suggestion boxes and wire merchandising racks. To see our full product line and start furnishing your business visit us at Displays2Go.

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