Wood Brochure Stands | Pamphlet Racks with Poster Frames

Wood Brochure Stands - Traditional Literature Racks that Feature Poster Frames

Wooden Leaflet Rack with Frame

These wood brochure stands, also called pamphlet display racks, are constructed of durable hardwood for a long-lasting literature distribution solution. Not only are these holders outfitted with tri-fold sized pockets, but also they come with frames that fit large graphics and posters. Why choose a wood brochure stand that is equipped with framing? Advertisers are able to double their impact by offering printed materials, like flyers, as well as promotional messages. The dual-purpose design is perfect for implementation at various types of businesses. The wood brochure stands with frames work well for promoting information in libraries, banks, lobbies, waiting rooms, and office areas. The large, stable design keeps information prominently displayed yet safe from tipping or toppling over.

Are these wooden pamphlet display racks double-sided?
  • Like many of our other literature holder systems, these wood brochure stands are designed with functionality in mind. Each rack features a two-sided assembly.
  • The double-sided configuration increases exposure by advertising in opposite directions. The design is perfect for setup outside stores, near entryways, and in other high prominence areas.
  • Imagine the possibilities of promoting your information using a bi-directional literature stand. The odds of reeling in new customers and making those sales are significantly improved with a two-sided poster frame stand that features pockets.

The poster frames that are built-in on these pamphlet display racks are all sized for 22" x 28" graphics. Each holder comes with acrylic lenses that are easily removed when adding new posters. In addition, the clear overlays keep the prints protected from harmful agents, like dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Uncovered frames typically allow the elements to degrade the posters over time, but these wood poster stands provide the necessary protection for ensuring new-looking graphics for years to come. Keep in mind that each system has two sides, which offers users extensive presentation possibilities. The dual-sided poster stand with wooden construction is great for grabbing the attention of those entering or exiting a location.

What pocket configurations are available for these pamphlet display racks?
  • It is important to note that while many of these literature systems have poster frames on both sides, only some are equipped with brochure pockets on both sides.
  • Look carefully at the specific product page for the model you desire to ensure it has the correct style and number of pockets for your needs.
  • In addition, some of the literature pockets can be adjusted to different widths. This way, users can showcase either tri-fold pamphlets and leaflets or standard sized catalogs and magazines.

Most of these wooden literature stands are available in multiple finishes. That way, it's much easier for the user to match the style of their existing decor. There are several finishes currently for sale but selections change often, so come back frequently to check for the latest. Some of the most popular colors include cherry, red mahogany, and golden oak. Choose the finish that brings out the most in your business or organization. The classy look of these traditional stands is perfect for all those upscale applications.

Do you have piles of flyers or magazines just hanging around your office waiting room? A great way to present a more professional image is with literature stands or brochure holders. Clear off table space and make use of blank walls with a wallmounted rack that displays magazines. With metal, wood finish, wire cardboard and acrylic products there is an item to match every furniture, décor style and budget!

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