Trophy Cases & Cabinets

These trophy cases are a great choice for residential, retail, and organizational customers. This selection of award showcases is incredible with something to satisfy any need. Many of these award displays are very large, and some even ship within a wooden crate, therefore residential customers should measure any doorways, passageways and areas with low ceilings to ensure that the unit they ordered will be able to fit into the space desired. Residential customers use trophy cases to display personal or group accomplishments of its family members. There is a large assortment of wood towers that are intended for home or office lobby use, whereas there showcases that are primarily glass are geared toward retail store owners. Retailers can use trophy cases to display anything from trophies to figurines, desk clocks, or sports memorabilia objects. All of these store fixtures feature tempered glass; typically a requirement for any glass display used in a public setting. Schools and organizations can use these trophy cases to display trophies, artwork, accomplishments, or other merchandise from its students, faculty, staff, or members. Place these glass showcases in the school vestibule to allow all visitors to see the awards won over the years. These display towers, trophy cases are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Another "hidden" feature of most of these award displays is the fact that many of them ship within a few days not weeks or months like the competition. The majority of these trophy cases ship within 4-7 days, while some of the larger more intricate fixtures ship within 14 days. Where else will you find such a huge diverse selection of products with such short lead times? Wooden trophy cases are optimal for home use while the anodized aluminum, laminate, and glass cases are more suitable for high traffic areas like schools or retail stores. Many of these display cabinets are versatile trophy cases with adjustable glass shelving. This allows a user to place items of different heights into the same unit.

China cabinets, also known as trophy cabinets, are a key product in our inventory. We strive to provide wood showcases of the best quality and carry a wide selection to offer our customers. However, wooden displays, award displays, and trophy cabinets are just one small part of our full product line. There are also retail counters, countertop acrylic cases and many other fixtures that can be used to house awards and accolades. Are you looking for a small trophy cabinet to put in your business office? Maybe these pedestal stands are just what you're looking for. Here shoppers will also find trophy cabinets in several shapes including; round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, even oval. All of these award showcases come with overhead lighting to further spotlight the awards and prizes. Some of these trophy cabinets are also offered with optional side track lighting for retailers that require intense lights. These extra halogen lights are typically adjustable. Many of these trophy cabinets also feature hidden wheels which makes relocating these heavy units a breeze.

In addition to the enormous selection of award displays, we also offer stanchions, dump bins, poster frames, wire literature racks, frame standoffs, and vertical display stands. Be sure to browse through our entire stock on our main shopping page. We have been in business for more than 39 years, specializing in POP displays, and other fixtures used to display objects. Over the years this company has become one of the nation's #1 trusted source for quality products and world-class consumer service. There is a call center here onsite filled with many representatives able to process orders, answer product inquiries, and quote freight estimates. Additionally, there is a live chat feature offered weekdays during normal business hours for immediate access to a live rep. that can answer any questions shoppers may have regarding the products and services offered here! Thank you for shopping with us, and we hope to be able to serve you again in the future!

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