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Crowd Control Stanchions - Post & Rope Displays for Queue Lines and Waiting Areas

Stanchions for Crowd Control

Stanchions are ideal for organizing service lines and directing foot traffic. We offer crowd control stands in two styles: classy posts with ropes and professional poles with retractable belts. Both stanchion styles feature an effective design and sturdy construction for use in any business. Our catalog features two major brands in queue management, QueuePole and Tensabarrier, each with a number of style, finish and accessory options. Stanchions make excellent crowd control barriers whether you're setting up a checkout area, dividing a room or creating an exhibit display.

Where can these belt and rope stands be used?
  • Stanchions are often used to form lines to the service desk in retail stores and service organizations. Keep hotel, bank and theater lobbies orderly by setting up queues and room dividers. These barrier posts are ideal for getting customers to their destination.
  • Our collection of stanchions are great for restaurants and bistros not only because they can create lines, but they also form separated dining areas. Also included here are outdoor crowd control barricades with large polyester banners. These café banners are sold in larger configurations and come with optional custom printing for increasing brand recognition.
  • Use post and rope systems to feature upscale exhibits like artwork in galleries or sports cars at exhibitions. This classic design is excellent for marking the center of attention while keeping onlookers at a distance. Businesses with a classy theme can use poles with a brass finish and red velvet ropes for directing customers in style.

Our selection of crowd control posts is made to accommodate any business. Each one is made of strong metal and includes a round, weighted base for stability in high traffic areas. Offered in a number of shades, the barriers come in black, silver and gray to blend in anywhere. On the other hand, users can make their exhibit stand out by surrounding it with polished chrome or brass models. We also offer clear models for filling with fun items like toys, toothbrushes, candy and colored pencils. A playful design can add tons of character to point-of-purchase areas where customers wait in line. The clear plastic poles will also hold custom printed banners that are inserted right into the tube for even more branding space. All of our fixtures feature adapters on top to create complex layouts. For assistance, check out our guide on creating effective crowd control systems.

Crowd Control Barriers

Pole barriers with a retractable belt make ideal professional line dividers for locations like airports and movie theaters. Our catalog includes stands with straps in a number of colors, such as black, blue, red and green. Replacement retractable belts are also available for queue poles to give store owners the option of changing décor without replacing the fixture. Our stands with ropes are offered in a wide selection with both velvet and nylon designs in three different colors. Great for VIP areas, museums, banks and upscale theaters, this style is made to be luxurious.

To make the most out of these crowd management supplies, add accessories that help manage crowds. This includes top mounted sign frames that inform customers about where the line starts and how to get service. These queue pole displays are also offered in different finishes to match the fixture. With our custom printed polyester wraps, companies can feature their logo where everyone can see it. We also offer units with built-in literature holders to dispense magazines and promotional catalogs. Looking for to encourage last-minute impulse purchases for your customers waiting in line? Our dump bin toppers are ideal for holding impulse items near the cash register. Additionally, you can use our convenient carts and dollies to move queue management posts with ease. Get fast shipping and wholesale pricing on all supplies at for quick, affordable satisfaction.

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