Standoffs and Sign Hardware for Mounting Signage

Company wall sign mounted with sign standoffs

High Quality Mounting Hardware for Rigid Sign Panels, Posters, and More

What is it about Sign Standoffs that makes them so attractive to designers and installers? They embrace the duality of form vs. function. Their purpose is to function as simple fasteners while becoming an integral part of the design and overall presentation of the finished form. Sign standoffs have been used for marketing and advertising displays, corporate signage, and wayfinding systems in every conceivable professional setting. What separates them from typical signage installations is the three-dimensional angle. Standoffs raise and project sign panels off the wall for a more dramatic and eye-catching presentation. Thanks to the abundance of sizes and metallic finishes, these sleek and modern mounting systems offer interior designers a wide assortment of fasteners to choose from. Continue reading below to learn more about what we have to offer!

What kinds of display hardware mount signs off the wall?
  • Standoffs that require holes for mounting are the most common style. Machined from aluminum and both steel and stainless steel, the sign mounts come in a nice variety of colors. The aluminum models feature anodized finishes in satin silver, titanium gray, and black. Steel standoffs come with electroplated finishes like chrome and gold with mirror-like surfaces. The stainless steel types feature the traditional brushed finish, with the caps displaying the tell-tale "X" reflection.
  • Economy sign standoffs are all-aluminum but only come with hand-polished finishes, no anodizing.
  • Edge grip mounts are the easiest type to install with their "no-holes-required" design. They grip sign panels at the edges, therefore not needing holes drilled through the panel, however these models can't support as much weight as the "through" styles.
  • Tamperproof mounts feature set screws located on the side of the barrels which lock the entire assembly in place. Use these mounting types in public spaces or in unmonitored areas.
  • Sign rails come with horizontal channels for panel insertion. These are excellent choices for smaller signage. Some models even come with LED illumination embedded inside the aluminum channel. When signage needs to be seen from both directions, a flag sign mount is required. These display signs perpendicular to the wall, suitable for hallway, stairwell, and elevator designations.
Printable office wall sign In addition to sign standoffs, what else is available?
  • Our DSIGN line offers a wide variety of do-it-yourself office door and wall sign kits. These are similar to the standard curved wayfinding frames manufactured from aluminum, but instead feature green-edge acrylic plates that deliver the look of real plate glass: for a fraction of the cost. Also included is a set of three printable clear and frosted sheets with die-cut sections to match the frame size. Simply design and print your signs, assemble the parts together, and mount to the wall.
  • Decorative metal screw covers transform ugly screw heads into a finished, professional display. These install most easily thanks to the special threaded washers that come with the metal caps, available in some of the same metallic finishes as our stand offs.
  • Cable display systems utilize suspended steel lines that work together to support acrylic sign holders with a number of aluminum support grips. Choose simple, single column kits or opt for multi-column matrices able to display a large number of printed inserts (think real estate listings in storefront windows).
  • Steel bases are designed to display sign boards like those printed on rigid boards like GatorFoam. The boards insert into the bases to instantly create free-standing signage able to be placed anywhere as seen in retail sales floors, trade shows, business lobbies, and airport queues.
  • Hanging poster rails are the go-to tools for retailers looking to display advertising behind storefront windows. The top and bottom rails attach to the poster or banner and hang from the ceiling not only behind windows but above store aisles, room entrances, and more.
  • Have a sign or poster to hang but need the hardware to do it? Check out our hanging hardware kits, available in jackchain or nylon line styles. They come in different lengths along with "S" hooks, toggle bolts, and barnacle clips that attach to suspended ceiling grids.

Stylish sign hardware elevates the quality of any signage installation. Not only can it be used for traditional applications, but think about the many other creative possibilities open to the designer or merchandiser. Use standoffs as shelf supports for merchandising risers, or mount them to walls for use as hanging hooks. Their versatility is as unmatched as is their dramatic flair for design.

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