Retail Poster Displays for Better Marketing Campaigns

Poster Displays and Stands Increase Customer Awareness

Need a way to grab customer attention? Floor standing poster displays provide the most cost-effective method. Static wall mounted graphics can only go so far. Instead, place one of our poster displays out in front for maximum impact. This supplemental advertising exposure helps retailers point targeted content to customers. Both durable and affordable, these merchandising fixtures come in many styles for the discerning buyer. Browse our extensive selection of poster displays, available in all the standard graphics sizes. From big to small, our offerings take mobile advertising to new heights!

What styles of floor sign holders are available?
  • Our poster displays support the most common graphic formats. Small sign stands are great choices for lobbies and entrances. Popular sizes are 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17". Larger displays (22" x 28" and 24" x 36") offer greater real estate for enticing customers with colorful graphics. Some models are available in single or double-sided versions.
  • The method of inserting graphics comes in a number of ways. Snap-open frames are some of our best selling products. Each of the four sides flip open for quick and easy front loading access. Some models feature slots located at the top or side of the frame. Posters simply slide through the slot and into the display. A third style is the faceplate. Manufactured from clear acrylic plastic, these thick plates feature machine-polished edges. They are affixed to stands with decorative screw caps in fancy metallic finishes.
  • Additional features include add-on accessories. Pairing a poster stand with a set of brochure pockets produces a complete marketing display. Promote your merchandise or services while offering takeaway literature. Financial institutions are one example of an industry that actively uses these types of advertising fixtures. Ballot boxes are another great accessory for marketing. Hold prize drawings, collect suggestions, or raise funds while promoting the event with full color graphics!
  • Illuminated signs push the advertising impact a step further. Whether lit with LEDs or fluorescent bulbs, these models provide extra special emphasis. We sell a number of directory stands with slightly angled surfaces. They make excellent tools for directing visitors in shopping malls and business offices. Poster totems showcase large format graphics rising more than six feet tall. Many feature contemporary curved designs.
  • Looking for a mobile poster stand? Choose a model with rolling casters. Lots of retailers located inside malls like to wheel an advertising floor stand out into the "mallway" to attract customers. Utilizing base casters makes this effort easy and convenient. When it's time to close, simply wheel it back inside before locking up.
  • Our sign stand collection is manufactured from many different materials. Steel and aluminum framing is the most common. These materials provide the best results for durability and longevity. The metal displays also offer the most in terms of selection. Plastic styles are available in clear or black. We use very thick clear acrylic posts with polished edges which provides the most professional results. The black models are constructed from ABS plastic, and are equally impressive appearance-wise to the clear stands. Wooden displays are the traditional choice thanks to their warm cherry, oak, maple, and mahogany veneers. They make great choices for stately interiors and upscale environments.

If you are looking to generate awareness, displaying a poster that promotes a new service, product, sale, special event or any other promotional campaign is essential. Let our substantial selection help point the way!

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Closeup of a poster sliding inside a display frame
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