Cheap Brochure Holders | Folding Flyer Boxes that Ship Flat

Cheap Brochure Holders Made of Plastic & Cardboard

Cheap Brochure Holder

These cheap brochure holders ship flat and come unassembled. The knockdown design of the literature boxes cuts down on obnoxious lead times, so customers get their office supplies faster. The cheap brochure holder pockets are great for trade shows and mobile presentations. These racks that fit tri-fold literature are as attractive as they are portable! Why choose cheap brochure holders that fold down flat? The literature boxes can quickly be taken anywhere, which ideal for those on the go. Set up time is minimal and users can open up the pocket in a matter of seconds. The corrugated cardboard and plastic literature display pockets are the perfect solution for storing pamphlets, leaflets, and other tri-fold publications. Choose from white, black, red, blue, or clear finishes.

What are the advantages of buying these economy literature boxes?
  • The cheap brochure holders for tri-fold information are very low cost, which makes them ideal for bulk purchases. Companies are able to advertise more effectively while spending less on their marketing supplies.
  • Wholesale pricing is standard on many products. In fact, the more you buy, the cheaper each individual unit becomes. Batch orders are great for large corporations that have many different satellite locations. Each place of business can be outfitted accordingly without exhausting already limited budgets.
Folding Literature Box

Many businesses invest tons of money on marketing and merchandising materials to promote their image. These knock-down pamphlet holders provide a cost-effective display that helps conserve limited budgets. Sometimes, users even leave the inexpensive boxes behind when they have finished with their event or presentation. When on the road, traveling sales representatives and vendors typically have restricted amount of time and space to set up. These easily-assembled flyer holders ensure that trade show exhibit operators can distribute important information and documentation. The countertop literature boxes are able to keep pertinent literature prominently displayed, so more people take an interest in the presentation. Simple pamphlets and tri-fold literature advertisements are sure to increase sales very quickly, so why not implement these incredible merchandising tools? Check all the countertop literature holders we offer to find the right style for your application. Make all your printed materials and publications accessible to clients while improving business today!

What are some common applications for these inexpensive leaflet displays?
  • Trade show booths frequently have lots of tri-fold information to pass out. In fact, these types of literature box displays are the reason expo vendors are able to successfully acquire new customers and clients. Representatives often distribute "take one" information to bolster their brand and reinforce their image.
  • Retail stores are also excellent places to put out the cardboard and plastic holders. Employees simply fold the displays into their form and set them out on checkout counters. This way, customers are able to easily access the information they require. Details about promotions, such as store credit cards, are commonly detailed in tri-fold pamphlets. These flyer displays keep information organized and at the ready.
  • Help desks and visitor centers are additional locations these box displays can be used. Real estate agencies, banks, and hotels are always updating terms and conditions, policies, and other information about local attractions. Service businesses with a great deal of information to hand out are fantastic applications for the low-cost brochure boxes.
Folding Leaflet Holders

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