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11 x 17 Bulk Picture Frames for Ledger or Tabloid Formats

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11 x 17 Bulk Picture Frames for Vertical or Horizontal Display

What is the standard size most common to signage-type applications? 11 x 17 bulk picture frames handle most of these tasks. Most of us know it by the terms "tabloid" or "ledger". You may think those words describe the same thing, but in reality they explain the display format. Tabloid is vertical (portrait), while ledger is horizontal (landscape). A good choice for schools and offices, the holders display flyers, evacuation maps, and other public notices. Restaurant menus are another 11 x 17 bulk picture frame application. Thanks to the dual format, menu displays can be printed in either landscape or portrait configurations. The beauty of this paper size is its commonality along with the standard letter format. Readily available to just about everyone, this utilitarian size can be printed on most personal printers.

The mini-poster is another common use. Simply a smaller version of its full size cousin, the 11 x 17 format offers people an easier way to showcase posters and graphics without the required real estate of a large print. If you are an artist or printmaker, this format also provides a marketable size — not too big, not too small. Buying in bulk saves both time and money for businesses and educational institutions everywhere. Stock up on 11 x 17 picture frames today!

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