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8-Pocket Business Card Holders with a Clear Plastic Construction

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8-Pocket Business Card Holders for Commercial Environments

Do you need an effective way to display calling cards? With 8-pocket business card holders, users have the freedom to displays multiple cards at the same time in their establishment. This becomes useful in doctors’ offices, real estate agencies, car dealerships, and more to keep information about employees or physicians in line and available to patients or customers. These displays also help keep countertops and desk areas organized and free of clutter. 8-pocket business card holders have a clear, polystyrene construction and are multi-tiered, making it easy for passersby to clearly view the information. The type of plastic used is inexpensive polystyrene, which has a slight blueish tint when compared to clear acrylic, giving it an upscale feel. The transparent design also makes it possible to be placed in a variety of locations to match any décor. Whether it’s an upscale retail store or a dentist's office, these 8-pocket business card holders have a place in any environment.

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