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Black Bar Stools

Black Bar Stools Make a Trendy Addition to High Top Tables & Counters

When deciding upon a selection of bar stools for the next trade show, the recently renovated bar at your restaurant, or even for the island in the home kitchen, a color must be chosen that is modern, elegant and does not clash with the nearby decor. The best way to achieve a desirable atmosphere is by purchasing a set of black bar stools to place by the countertop or cocktail tables. While many trends claim to be the "new black" there is yet to be a true substitute for this timeless achromatic color. Sometimes called the "Queen of Colors", black is a symbol of sophistication, formality and elegance. It is also associated with technology and modernity, as it is the preferred color for smartphones, laptops, TVs and other electronic devices.

Black bar stools, sometimes written as "black barstools", are used in many commercial establishments - while it is in their name, bar seats are not just limited to bars! Trade show managers, event coordinators, hair dressers, vape shop owners, and many other business owners utilize high bar chairs in their line of work. An adjustable black stool is a versatile piece of equipment that has endless uses in the commercial workspace. For anyone who is interested in purchasing large quantities of furniture, affordability is an important decision factor. It is important to buy from a retailer who offers a lower per-unit cost for larger volume orders. That way outfitting the entire building with black bar furniture can be achieved while staying within your budget!

What are some features or criteria to look for in a black bar stool? Functionality and design are both important. Let's examine some features that may sway your decision one way or the other:

  • Back or Backless: Will your patrons be sitting down (lounging) for long periods of time? If so, it may be wise to choose a bar stool with a saddle back for that lumbar support that everybody desperately needs. Comfort and relaxation are important to convince guests to sit down for longer than they originally intended, either to order an extra cocktail or sit through your entire demonstration. For the ultimate lounge stool, try a black leatherette seating solution. For an ultra-modern look use a backless stool. Backless stools are comfortable, especially with a built-in footrest, and some of the advantages are their stackability (in some cases) and their ability to fully swivel in a 360 degree path without being concerned about the back support hitting the table.

  • Adjustability or Fixed Height: Adjustability is a premium feature of bar stools, and a product with a hydraulic vertical positioning system should be chosen over a fixed-height black bar stool when available, and when it is cost-effective. The one exception to this is when choosing easily stackable stools that can be stored and transported at a moment's notice. Many of these black bar stools are adjustable, and generally have about a whole foot's range of movement, from approximately 2 to 3 feet off the ground! This should be adequate enough to accommodate the shortest and tallest patrons at your booth or bar as they use the pneumatic lever to adjust their position.

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Usage: In most cases bar stools are used indoors. After all, that's where most trade shows, food/beverage service and other seated events take place. However, there is also a need for outdoor bar stools for receptions, catered events, commencements, and other open air ceremonies. Many bar stools will not stand up to the elements, but this award winning plastic bar stool is easily stackable, and will not be ruined by the weather. Innovative, yet affordable, these black plastic bar stools can be used in the tent, under the sun and even brought indoors for a trendy quick-setup bar solution during the non-summer months. Don't miss out on this modern product that introduces affordability to design.
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