Black Retail Showcases and Counters with Mix-or-Match Compatibility

These Black MRC Store Fixtures are our Best Selling Counters and Showcases!

Why buy cash wraps and cases from Displays2go? Our black retail showcases and counters offer awesome value at incredible prices. Thanks to their modular design, individual units can be mixed or matched into a custom layout that's perfect for your store's interior dimensions. Black retail showcases and counters are manufactured from melamine — engineered particleboard panels sandwiched between two thermal-infused layers. The material provides superior resistance to scuffs, stains, and moisture without loss of color. The surface also features a stippled, satin finish for added depth and richness. Our black retail showcases and counters are available for purchase individually, as well as in pre-designed configurations featuring up to 13 separate components.

So how do I go about buying cases and cash wraps for my store?

The first step is to decide where the fixtures are going to be placed. We've seen retail showcases and counters for checkout stretched in a straight line along a long wall that creates a boundary between employees and customers. Other retailers create a sort of central command center in the middle of the floor for accommodating shoppers 360° in the round. More possibilities include layouts in the shapes of L's, U's, and S's. Once you've decided on placement, choosing the types of modules is next. We suggest starting with the register stand or cash drawer (available in narrow and wide versions), then work your way out from it. You can add long showcases with tempered glass for displaying merchandise — which also double as working countertops. Need to turn your layout 90°? Corner units make this easy while providing additional shelving for more merchandise. All showcases and counters feature plentiful internal storage, or in the case of the display cases, rear sliding access doors for the employees.

An optional consideration is the addition of custom-printed graphics. We can print your unique artwork onto 1/4" thick acrylic panels, second surface (meaning on the reverse side). This technique provides a very professional appearance with its glossy surface. The printed panels mount to the fronts of checkout counters using stainless steel standoffs. These modern, decorative fasteners raise the panel off the surface (hence the term "stand off") for an upscale and dramatic presentation!

Showcases and checkout counters form the merchandising "backbone" of a store. Without them, customers can't see where to pay for their purchases or find employees to ask for help with a product. In terms of value, we highly recommend these melamine-based store fixtures. Our upscale Essentials line of cash wraps features top-level quality and workmanship. If you are considering purchasing full vision cabinets with optional interior lighting, these models have much to offer!

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