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Custom Printed Condiment Caddies Show Off Company Branding

Condiment Caddies with Full Color Printing for Public Coffee and Drink Stations

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box branding opportunity at your restaurant, cafe, or dining room? Our custom printed condiment caddies not only optimize your counter space with their compact, multi-pocket designs but also allow for full color branded messaging to be applied in high-visibility areas. With styles available in wood, stainless steel, and acrylic, it’s easy to find an organizer that matches your space or existing set. These custom printed condiment caddies feature high-quality UV digital printing that produces a crisp, long-lasting image. Not only do these countertop beverage station organizers showcase your branding elements in full color, but are also easy to clean at the end of a busy shift. Our custom printed condiment caddies are right at home in self-serve restaurants, concession stands, and cafeterias. Each fixture is easy to restock, thanks to an open-top design.

What are some ways to use personalized graphics?

  • Custom printed condiment caddies are a great place to put your logo. Especially in self-serve or quick-service restaurants, an identifying business mark in a high visibility area can reinforce your brand. Thanks to the crisp UV digital printing, your logo will stay clear and vibrant after long-term use.
  • Condiment caddies and utensil dispensers are incredibly convenient for guests. Of course, stocking spoons and forks handle-up is the more hygienic way to do things, but it’s not always clear which you might be grabbing. The same is true for sugar and sweetener packets or complimentary tea bags. Place iconography across the front of your organizer to make it clear precisely what customers are reaching for. Improving convenience in small ways can change the way regular patrons feel about your coffee shop for the better.
  • Advertise other products and services! If you have a new item on the menu or are starting up a rewards or membership program, getting the word out is crucial. Because countertop organizers are so visible, they’re the perfect place to advertise new offerings. Regular customers interact with these fixtures every day, so why not introduce a pop of fresh color to draw their eye toward this clever piece of visual marketing?

Condiment caddies with personalized graphics provide a service to your business above and beyond organization. These dispensers feature high-capacity pockets inside compact designs that provide a surprising storage value to space ratio. But they also serve a dual purpose — advertising, increasing convenience, or just serving to tie a full-store branding effort together with careful details. Looking for a more traditional style? The tried-and-true look of restaurant counter organizers made from black plastic is a subtle choice that prioritizes functionality over flash. Make your coffee station accessible and easy to navigate with dispensers and utensil holders from Displays2go!

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