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Halogen Lights Illuminate Product Presentations for Exceptional Merchandising

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Create Vivid Merchandise Displays with Halogen Backlighting

Great merchandisers are always looking for new ways to make their products jump off the shelves. These display cases with halogen lights are the perfect way to grab customer's attention while they are shopping your sales floor. Luminous fixtures have an eye-grabbing quality that places an increased importance on the items features while optimizing floor space. With many different cabinet styles, retailers can mix-and-match to find the perfect fixtures for their store layout. Or, take advantage of the fact that many of our display cases with halogen lights can be used in conjunction to create cohesive presentations of your product line. We feature a number of colors including silver, black, and even fully wooden options so you can be sure that no matter the current furnishings of your store, we have something to match.

Use display cases with halogen lights to illuminate products such as jewelry, accessories, electronics, or antiques. Customers have a better shopping experience when stock is highly-visible and presented in a way that gleams importance. Items promoted in illuminated glass fixtures have higher authority than stock on sales racks. Highlight a specific high-value brand or commodity with a lock and key system. By placing must-have items in a protective encasement, customers are prompted to ask an attendant for help if they would like to handle that product. These cases with halogen lights tend to increase conversion rates throughout the retail store as a relationship is built between employees and customers.

What are the different options available?

  • For stores with limited space, a wall-mounted display opens the floor up for other fixtures or traffic flow while presenting highly-visible products at eye level. By using space that typically features artwork or signage to promote stock, merchandisers can draw customer attention to an underutilized location. A wall-mount is also the perfect fixture to place behind cash registers and counters. This gives customers a great focal point while checking out to increase last-minute impulse buys.
  • Use wooden curio cabinets to showcase rare or one-of-a-kind items. These cases with halogen lights are great for specialty or antique stores that appreciate a rustic feel, and can even accent home furniture. These hand selected hardwoods are expertly crafted, adding warm and homey feel to any retail store. Wooden fixtures have a mirrored back which helps showcase items like collectibles, awards, antiques and art displayed inside.
  • Our freestanding trophy cabinets are great for illuminating product presentations. Most retailers will feature low-value hung items, artwork, even nothing at all on their walls. By positioning valuable items in well lit cabinets, merchandisers ensure a healthy product spread throughout their location. Positioning secure fixtures in your retail store protects high-value merchandise and allows customers to be shop them in more diverse places than the front counters.

The problem with most retail displays is that they simply rely on the merchandise to sell itself. Create eye-catching presentations on your shelves by illuminating products with halogen lights. Luminous displays give featured wares an increased level of importance, ensure that they are highly visible, and protected. Light cases include a lock and key method either sliding or hinged doors. This protects merchandise while providing an opportunity for employees to interact with interested customers and provide more details about your products or even offer similar items. These point-of-sale features promote engagement and helps attendants build rapport with customers.

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