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Wire Gridwall Fixtures Display Merchandise on Floors & Walls

Need a modular instore display system to outfit your place of business? Wire gridwall fixtures offer efficient use of space with lightweight construction. Thanks to their versatility and customization, these racks and stands provide retailers with virtually unlimited merchandising possibilities, and in addition can also be changed up and refreshed with new product layouts. We sell both wall mount and floor-standing wire gridwall fixtures with single panels, as well as bundled displays that include hanging accessories. You have your choice of either black or white painted finishes. Base models are the panel itself which mounts to the wall or gets placed out on the sales floor. The store fixtures feature stationary feet or rolling casters if you prefer easier mobility. The stands come in single panel, three-sided, pinwheel, and gondola models. However, it's the wire gridwall accessories that makes these fixtures so appealing and easy to use. All hangers hook anywhere onto the gridwall panel, whether near the floor or at the very top. This provides retailers with a lot of real estate on which to display their offerings. When new product lines come in, you have the freedom to move and switch hangers around to produce an all new presentation for your customers. It's just another way to keep things fresh and new for a better shopping experience. Gridwall accessories include faceout and waterfall hooks, pegs, hat stands, hanger rods, and wire baskets. Most of the hanging accessories are designed for apparel and garments, but blister packs, bulk smalls, and anything else that comes with a hanger can also be displayed. Through their sheer versatility, gridwall store fixtures are an excellent and economic choice for retailers!

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