Industrial Style Hanging Frames Add a Modern Vintage Style

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Industrial Style Hanging Poster Holders for Commercial Environments

Looking to add modern vintage style while displaying notices and signage in your establishment? Industrial style hanging frames will get the job done! Available in a sleek black or silver, these poster holders will be a great addition to your business. The design of our industrial style hanging frames allows them to be seen by patrons without using up any counter space all while delivering that raw and unfinished feel. Customers will even be able to view the signage in large crowds or from a distance due to the poster holder’s ceiling mount.

Industrial style hanging frames are available in portrait and landscape orientations. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your establishment including 11” x 17”, 22” x 28”, 24” x 36”, and 30” x 42”. Post store hours, colorful advertisements, menus, and even artwork to add dimension to your location. Each poster frame has a convenient “snap-open” feature that allows users to easily switch-out the contents without the use of tools. This is a helpful attribute for users who have the responsibility of frequently updating signage. This can mean updating menus at a restaurant or new sales at a retail store.

Assembly is easy when it comes to putting together our poster holders because the hardware and mounting template are included — the templates even come with pre-drilled holes! Assembly is a breeze with the directions we provide and your poster holder should be up in a few minutes. Each enclosure is designed with a non-glare plastic lens for a clear appearance and it helps keep the contents intact and safe from being tampered with. The aluminum build of each poster holder ensures your signage will be sturdy and secure for passersby and customers to view.

Whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation: this vintage and modern style enclosure will be the perfect addition to your establishment. Browse through our large assortment of signage holders today!

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