Pegboard Hardware

Use Pegboard Hardware as a Merchandising Tool in Any Retail Environment

Both freestanding and wall mounted perforated hardboards make dynamic display and storage systems when used in conjunction with pegboard hardware. Pre-drilled boards are often used in retail, at trade shows and for storage, in light of their simplicity and flexibility in supporting a wide range of hanging hardware such as hooks and shelves. These boards can be constructed from hardboard, steel and plywood, and can either be mounted on the wall, act as aisle shelving in a convenience store or be on a portable tower for convention and trade show use. The grid system allows different pieces of pegboard hardware, sometimes spelled peg board hardware, to be inserted into the holes to hold and hang products in the storefront or the stock room.

A mixture of shelves, hooks and baskets can be used to create dynamic displays in the retail storefront. Convenience stores can hang bags of chips on pegged hooks, while holding boxes of granola or candy bars on shelving below. Hardware outlets can hang hammers on rod systems and use baskets to suspend shelves of nails or screws below them using the same perforated wall and an assortment of inserts. The possibilities are endless with an arsenal of pegboard hardware that can be combined and coordinated. Organization is easy with pegboard hardware. Use these same accessories in the storage room to hang shoes, or even in the office supply room to hang boxes of paper, pens and printer ink! When mounting merchandise, make sure to follow the weight and size guidelines. It is always a good practice to evenly distribute weight across the pegboard to minimize warping and sagging.

Choose from an assortment of hardware accessories that will make any pegboard setup a success. Many of these gondola shelves come complete with price tag holders and brackets that easily snap together for simple and seamless performance. The price tag holders can also be used as label holders for storage, so the stockroom associate can easily locate merchandise according to its specifications. These peg shelves are built in several sizes and the mounting brackets are either included or can be purchased separately. Take a customizable approach with the pegboard hooks and choose a variety of gauges, lengths and styles. They have silver finishes, powder coated finishes, among others. Best of all: they have an upturned end so merchandise does not slide off. These pegboard rods can be as short as 4" and as long as a foot! For expensive or commonly shoplifted merchandise like shaving razors, choose locking pegboard hooks that your store associate can unlock for customers. This pegboard hardware is built to last, and will hold up to frequent wear and tear by shoppers and employees. Make sure to check out our entire selection of gondola shelving and accessories to build a system of panels and accessories from scratch!

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